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Pulse is a flexible monitoring and alerting system you can use to design, create, and customize metric, anomaly detection, and connection alerts based on your needs. Pulse saves you time and resources on the following tasks:

  • Looking for anomalies or discrepancies in data
  • Measuring campaign performance
  • Sharing results and insights with stakeholders and teams
  • Avoid reporting problems for campaigns working with expired accounts.

Use cases

Optimizing budget for a global team

Catching data anomalies

View your Pulses

This is how Pulse looks like before creating alerts


The All pulses page presents a table with everything you need to manage your alerts. Use the filter next to the search bar to toggle between All pulses, metric, anomaly detection, and connection alerts. From the table you can see:

Column headerDescription
NameThe alert's given name.
TypeThe alert's type icon:
- Metric alerts
- Connection alerts
- Anomaly detection alerts
FrequencyHow frequently the alert is sent.
CreatedThe date of the alert's creation.
Last triggeredThe last time an alert was triggered and a notification was sent.
NotificationsThe notification triggered by the alert. Available options:
- Email notification
- Slack notification
StatusA toggle button to set the alert to:
- Active
- Inactive

Use the toggle at the end of the row to change the status of the alert. You can find additional management settings by selecting the more options () button.

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