Raw data exports

Adjust makes it easy to send raw, user-level data to your servers or cloud storage provider. This allows you to build your own database and recall data without ever having to request logs.

How it works

Adjust collects data points from links you set behind campaigns or from our SDK, and sends this to our servers for processing. We can then aggregate this data and display it in the dashboard, or share it with you directly in its raw unaggregated state.

Adjust uses actvities, or "triggers", to determine what data to send. We enable you to collect data on the following activities:

  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Installs
  • Sessions
  • In-app events
  • Reattributions
  • ATT status updates (iOS)
  • SKAdNetwork installs
  • SKAdNetwork events
  • SKAdNetwork qualifier
  • SKAdNetwork direct install
  • SKAdNetwork CV update
  • Updated attributions
  • Ad spend
  • Erased users (GDPR)
  • SAN clicks
  • SAN impressions
  • Ad revenue
  • Subscriptions
  • Uninstalls
  • Reinstalls
  • Reattribution reinstalls
  • Rejected installs *
  • Rejected reattributions *

With Adjust, you can measure as many in-app events as you like - and you can even set up custom parameters to receive additional information about them.

Once you've decided what activities you want raw data for, use Adjust placeholders to enrich the data and deliver key insights. See our full list of placeholders.

Get started

There are two ways to receive raw data from Adjust: you can have it sent to your servers, or sent to your cloud storage. You can use both methods at the same time.

Server callbacks

Send data to your servers or business intelligence system. You need your own business intelligence solution or data warehouse to process callbacks.

Cloud storage uploads

Send data to your cloud storage bucket. This option allows you to configure a report in Adjust and download it later from your cloud storage bucket.

Adjust offers integration with Amazon S3 and Google Cloud Storage.