Adjust Data Canvas (beta) quick start guide

Visualize your SKAdNetwork data with the Adjust Data Canvas. See which of your campaigns drove the highest number of installs or compare the installs vs reinstalls that Adjust tracks through the SKAdNetwork.

This guide explains four steps to help you get started with the Adjust Data Canvas.

The Adjust Data Canvas (beta) is only available per account.

  • Admins
  • Editors
  • Readers

Helpful information

  • Data Canvas currently only includes the SKAdNetwork data source.


KPIKey Performance Indicator (KPI) is a metric used to assess the performance of a mobile application and the broader business that surrounds it.
DimensionDimensions are a way to group your data depending on what you want to measure. For example, you want to view your installs from Snapchat. Installs is the KPI and network is the dimension.
Data sourcePoints to a specific type of data. For example, SKAdNetwork.
Data setA data set is a subset of your data from a given data source. Use it to address a specific question, by focusing on a time period or particular apps. Think of it as a report.
WidgetChart widgets are a visual representation of the data from the data set. For example, a bar chart.

The steps below are a basic example of how you can visualize your SKAdNetwork data.

To navigate to the Adjust Data Canvas, select MENU > Data Canvas.

1. Start with a data set

You’ll need a data set to create your widgets. Your widgets are populated only with the data that you select in your data set.

  1. Select a Time period
    Time periods can be relative or fixed. The data updates automatically according to the time period you choose.
    1. Current day, Current week, Current month, Current year
      “Current week” starts from Monday until today.
    2. Last n days, weeks, months, or years
      “Last 1 week” starts from the previous week’s Monday until today.
    3. Custom fixed time period
      A date picker that lets you choose a fixed time period.
  2. Select Apps
    Only iOS apps will have SKAdNetwork data.
  3. Select KPIs
    1. Conversion KPIs
    2. Cost KPIs
  4. Enter a Data set name
  5. Click Save data set

2. Create a widget

Use widgets to represent data in a visual format. Choose from a selection of bar charts to transform your data. Keep an eye out for more widget types to come.

  1. Drag and drop dimensions into the Axis or Legend fields
  2. Drag and drop KPIs into the Values field
  3. Select your Widget type, choose from the following:
    1. Vertical bar chart
    2. Horizontal bar chart
    3. Vertical stacked bar chart
    4. Horizontal stacked bar chart
  4. Preview your widget
  5. Click Add to dashboard

3. Customize your dashboard

From the dashboard, you can duplicate, remove, rename, and edit your widget. 

Arrange all your widgets changing the size and the order.

To resize your widget, follow these steps:

  1. Move your cursor to the bottom right corner of your widget until an arrow appears
  2. Drag your widget to increase or decrease its size.

To move your widget, follow these steps:

  1. Move your cursor to the top of the widget until a move cursor appears
  2. Drag your widget to the position you want

4. Share your widget

Download and share your widget in another format.

To share your widget in another format, follow these steps:

  1. Click Export in your widget
  2. Select one of the following formats to download your widget:
    1. PNG
    2. PDF
    3. CSV

Enjoy the Adjust Data Canvas!

A note on navigation: Use the breadcrumbs to navigate to your data sets, Dashboard and the Adjust main menu.