Attribution privacy models

With Apple's iOS 14.5 operating system and above, users must consent to allow tracking across apps and websites. To welcome this next step in user-controlled privacy settings, Adjust offers multiple attribution privacy models. These let you control the integrity and availability of your data inline with the end-user's tracking decision.

It’s important to remember that Adjust’s attribution privacy models do not affect the availability of SKAdNetwork. So if you’re running SKAdNetwork campaigns, these continue to operate as usual alongside whichever model you use. This means you can leverage SKAdNetwork insights in addition to Adjust data for effective campaign analysis and optimization, while remaining privacy conscious and compliant.

Here, you can find out more about some of the key terminology Adjust uses, our attribution privacy models, and the data you can receive while using them.

Key terms

We know that it can feel like there's a lot going on right now. That's why we've put together a quick recap of the most important terms and their definitions.

  • Attribution Privacy Models

Adjust's comprehensive approach to post-iOS 14.5 measurement. Our attribution privacy models leverage Adjust's first-in-class product suite, letting you access consented user data just as you always have done. On top of this, you can refine how Adjust handles non-consented data.

Paired with SKAdNetwork data, Adjust's attribution privacy models let you build a powerful overview of your campaign performance, so you can draw the insights you need while respecting your app users' tracking decisions.

  • Probabilistic Attribution

Probabilistic Attribution ensures minimal disruption to your attribution. All channels sharing engagement data with Adjust are attributed and receive raw data callbacks for optimization. You can still see all aggregated data in your Adjust dashboard and you will receive raw data callbacks or CSV uploads for your users. Please make sure to check the Apple Privacy Policy for compliance.

  • Extended Privacy Measurement

Extended Privacy Measurement protects non-consented user data from being shared with third parties. This ensures you maintain the highest privacy threshold for all measurement and analysis performed. With this attribution privacy model, as a first-party you can see aggregated attributions per channel in the Adjust dashboard and receive raw data callbacks for your users.

Data availability with Extended Privacy Measurement

Use the table to see what data is and is not available when you use Adjust’s Extended Privacy Measurement.

For iOS 14.5+ devices where the ATT status is "Not Determined", "Restricted", or "Denied"
✔ Supports Click & Impression partner callbacks✘ Does not support deferred deep linking.

✘ Adjust’s SDK attribution callback returns No User Consent

✘ Does not send requests to self-attributing networks (SANs)  

✘ Does not support any other type of callbacks to partners; for example: Install, Session, Event, etc.