View and manage your apps

After you add an app, you can view, edit, or delete your app from AppView.

View your app

After you have added your app, it appears under All apps. Each app card provides the following details:

  • App name - Select the app name to display app details.
  • Platform - Select the platform to display platform details.
  • App token - Select to copy your app token.
  • SDK version - See which version of the Adjust SDK you have integrated in your app next to the corresponding app store icon.
    • Hover over the SDK version to see your most active SDK version. This refers to the version of the Adjust SDK that reported most of your app traffic in the past 24 hours.
    • If you have not integrated the SDK, you will see Awaiting SDK next to your app store icon.
  • (iOS apps only) App ID verification status - Check the badge next to Awaiting SDK or SDK version to get a quick glimpse into the status of your app ID verification.
    • - App ID not verified
    • - App ID verification in progress
    • - App ID verified
  • (iOS apps only) SKAN 3.0 conversion value mapping status - If you have Admin, Editor, or Custom Editor permissions, select the status to open SKAN Conversion Hub settings.
  • The number of visible events for the app. If you have Admin, Editor, or Custom Editor permissions, select this value to open Events settings.
  • The number of installs and a percentage increase or decrease in installs as compared to the last 7 days. Select the number of installs to open the Overview dashboard.
  • The fraud prevention status if you have the Fraud Prevention Suite on your account. If you have Admin, Editor, or Custom Editor permissions, select the Fraud prevention status to view or edit fraud prevention settings.
  • Links to access Testing console, Server callbacks setup, and Cloud storage uploads setup, if you have Admin, Editor, or Custom Editor permissions.

Manage your app

Select your app name under All apps to view your app setup details.

Modify your app setup

You can change everything in your app setup, except for the Reporting currency. If you make changes after integrating the SDK, you might have to integrate the SDK again.

  • Changing attribution settings does not have any impact on SDK integration.

Delete your app

Only users with admin permissions can delete apps. Deleted apps are actually hidden for 30 days and function as normal, but don't appear in Dashboards or Reports. You can restore the deleted app within these 30 days. After 30 days, the app is automatically and permanently deleted from AppView.

It is highly recommended that you remove the Adjust SDK and retire all campaigns in Adjust before your app is permanently deleted.

To delete your app, follow these steps.

  1. Under All Apps, select your app.
  2. On the App information tab, select Delete app.
  3. Enter the App name, and select Delete app to confirm deletion.

Your app is deleted from the All apps list.

Next, you’ll receive an app deletion confirmation email from Adjust, containing a link to restore your app. After 30 days, Adjust deletes your app data (raw, aggregated, and metadata) and rejects Adjust SDK traffic. Link URLs associated with your deleted app also stop working.