Manage third-party data sharing

Give your app users a choice about how, and when, their data is shared with third parties. Additionally, you can choose how much data and to which partners users prefer to share it with.

Global settings

In Adjust, you can disable, enable, and re-enable data sharing with third parties for statistics purposes. This lets you continue to gain valuable data insights, while supporting your user’s data sharing preferences.

If a user chooses not to share their data with marketing partners, the Adjust backend will flag this. Then, although they continue to be recorded in Adjust, no partner callbacks are sent for that user, no data is shared with SANs for attribution, and they are not included in Audiences lists.

You can send Adjust a user’s decision through a server-to-server integration or directly through the SDK.

S2S API requirements

To integrate with the Adjust API, set up your servers to send the mandatory parameters to Adjust through an HTTP GET request at our designated endpoint URL.

For more information on how to re-enable and disable data sharing S2S, read this article.

Partner-specific settings

Besides global settings for third-party data sharing, users may choose their level of consent. You can apply these settings per partner.

A user may decide to share none, some, or all their data with a specific partner. When you send your user's choice, the Adjust backend flags their preferences. The backend also overrides the global settings for that partner.

There are three levels of user consent per partner:

User consent statusDescriptionSharing metrics
YesThe user decides to share their data. The app install, events, and sessions data is shared with the selected partner.✔️ Installs
✔️ Events
✔️ Sessions
AnalyticsThe user decides to share only the installs data. Events and sessions are not shared with the selected partner.✔️ Installs
✖️ Events
✖️ Sessions
NoThe user decides not to share their data. Nothing is shared with the selected partner.✖️ Installs
✖️ Events
✖️ Sessions

For example, one of your users decides not to share their data with third-parties. The same user later decides to share only the app install with a specific partner. Set your global settings to Block and the partner's partner-specific settings to Analytics.

You can send the user's decision to Adjust through the SDK.

Adjust SDK requirements

To notify Adjust of a user’s data sharing preference, your developer can configure the Adjust SDK to send us the required information. Ensure you have the minimum required SDK version and follow the instructions in our SDK documentation.

FeatureMinimum SDK versionDeveloper documentation
Block third-party sharing
  • Android SDK 4.19.0+
Android - disable sharing
  • iOS SDK 4.19.0+
iOS - disable sharing
Re-enable third-party sharing
  • Android SDK 4.26.0+
Android - re-enable sharing
  • iOS SDK 4.25.0+
iOS - re-enable sharing
Set partner specific third-party sharing
  • Android SDK 4.32.0+
Android - set partner sharing 
  • iOS SDK 4.32.0+
iOS - set partner sharing