Manage third party data sharing

Give your app users a choice about how, and when, their data is shared with third parties. 

In Adjust, you can disable, enable, and re-enable data sharing with third parties for statistics purposes. This lets you continue to gain valuable data insights, while supporting your user’s data sharing preferences.

If a user chooses not to share their data with marketing partners, the Adjust backend will flag this. Then, although they continue to be tracked in Adjust, no partner callbacks are sent for that user, no data is shared with SANs for attribution, and they are not included in Audience Builder lists.

You can send Adjust a user’s decision through a server-to-server integration or directly through the SDK.

Adjust SDK requirements

To notify Adjust of a user’s data sharing preference, your developer can configure the Adjust SDK to send us the required information. Ensure you have the minimum required SDK version and follow the instructions in our GitHub README chapters.

ActionMinimum SDK versionGithub documentation
Block third-party sharing
  • Android SDK 4.19.0+
Android - disable sharing
  • iOS SDK 4.19.0+
iOS - disable sharing
Re-enable third-party sharing
  • Android SDK 4.26.0+
Android - re-enable sharing
  • iOS SDK 4.25.0+
iOS - re-enable sharing

S2S API requirements

To integrate with the Adjust API, set up your servers to send the mandatory parameters (listed below) to Adjust through an HTTP GET request at our designated endpoint URL.

For more information on how to re-enable and disable data sharing S2S, read this article.

Endpoint URL



  • s2s
  • app_token

One of the following: 

  • idfa
  • idfv
  • gps_adid
  • fire_adid
  • win_adid
  • adid
ParameterExample valueValue description
app_tokenrn4g67fue5e3The Adjust app token from thee dashboard
s2s1Value must be 1
idfa8C6CBCOD-5F43-4765-A6E6-84DFF3D24707iOS ID for advertisers
idfvCCB300A0-DE1B-4D48-BC7E-599E453B8DD4iOS ID for vendors
gps_adid38400000-8cf0-11bd-b23e-10b96e40000dGoogle Play Store advertising ID
fire_adid63c5519b-7e66-7ee6-aa5d-3b290743811fFire OS advertising ID
win_adid107e8ea14329d4a2194ebbb6dc0c0fd7Windows advertising ID
adid18546f6171f67e29d1cb983322ad1329Adjust device ID

Example request

Request responses

Status CodeDescription
200OK; request was received and processed
400Bad request; formatting error or invalid app token
  • If you are unsure of how to correctly format your request, contact your account manager or