Set up a project in Google Cloud Storage

You can automatically export your raw user data to Google Cloud Storage with Adjust's cloud storage uploads. Set up a project in the Google Cloud Console, and make note of the following to set up cloud storage uploads to your Google Cloud Storage bucket:

  • Service Account Key credential file
  • Bucket name

Set up your project in the Google Cloud Console

  1. Create a project or use an existing project.
  2. Create a dedicated bucket for Adjust data export.
    Note: If you use an existing bucket, the service key might have access to other data in the bucket.
  3. Create a dedicated Service Account and Service Account Key credential file.
    • Select the key type as JSON.
    • Create the service account without a role. In the next step, you need to set the appropriate role to the service account for the dedicated bucket only.
      Note: If you set the role while creating the service account, the service key has full access to all buckets and objects in your project.
  4. Edit bucket permissions to grant a role to the service account.
    • Add the service account email as a new member.
    • Set the Role to Cloud Storage > Storage Admin.