Welcome to the Adjust Data Canvas!

With the Adjust Data Canvas, convert your data into visual insights. Use these visual insights to understand trends, outliers, and patterns in your data. With our unified interface for reporting and visualization, your data stays in one place. You never have to leave the Adjust dashboard to analyze your data.

Build a story around your data:

  • Gain valuable insights on your SKAdNetwork, Adjust Deliverables, or Unbotify data.
    • The Adjust Data Canvas is the only place where you can visualize your SKAdNetwork data.
  • Create customizable widgets for the KPIs that matter most to you. Visualize a quick overview of the KPIs or delve into granular data for detailed analysis.
  • Save all your widgets to your customizable dashboard.
  • Export and share your widgets with other stakeholders.
  • Make data-driven marketing decisions.

Use cases

  • Adjust Deliverables: Gain a bird's eye view on your campaign performance with the Adjust Deliverables data source. Find out which channels provide you with the most installs or reattributions, or perform cost and revenue analysis. to build a dashboard tied to your needs.

  • SkAdNetwork: Analyze data that you track through Apple's SKAdNetwork. Instantly know which users completed your mapped in-app events or track installs and reinstalls with a specific partner.

  • Unbotify: Leverage the Unbotify data source to distinguish your real traffic from fraudulent traffic generated by bots or fake devices.

Before you begin

Here’s what you need to know before getting started.


  • Adjust Data Canvas is currently in Beta. If you would like to start using Data Canvas, reach out to your Account Manager.
  • Adjust Data Canvas is only available per account for the following user roles:
    • Admins
    • Editors
    • Readers
  • One customizable dashboard is available per user account.

Get started

  1. Choose your data source.
  2. Select apps and metrics to create a data set.
  3. Build a widget for your data set by selecting the KPIs that you want to analyze. Export and share your widget in the PNG, PDF, or CSV formats.
  4. Share your dashboard with other stakeholders.

To access Data Canvas, select MENU > Data Canvas.

Key terms

KPIKey Performance Indicator (KPI) is a metric used to assess the performance of an application and the broader business that surrounds it.
DimensionDimensions are a way to group your data depending on what you want to measure. For example, you want to view your installs from Snapchat. Installs is the KPI and network is the dimension.
Data sourcePoints to a specific type of data. For example, SKAdNetwork.
Data setA data set is a subset of your data from a given data source. Use it to address a specific question, by focusing on a time period or particular apps. Think of it as a report.
WidgetWidgets are a visual representation of the data from the data set. For example, a bar chart.