RevWorks - Adjust's ad revenue solution

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RevWorks is Adjust’s ad revenue solution and includes all ad revenue recording methods and reporting capabilities. With RevWorks, you can have all your ad revenue data, no matter the source, in one place, at the level of granularity that you need. This helps you measure your campaign performance and see the real lifetime value of your users in Adjust.

Our range of integrations let you work with different mediation platforms and networks to streamline measurement of ad revenue earned from all of the networks displaying ads to your app users.

Growth solution:
RevWorks is available as an Adjust Growth Solution. To get RevWorks on your account, contact

Why measure ad revenue?

Ad revenue is the amount of money generated by ad impressions, and it provides information on the overall value that an app user adds to the app’s ecosystem.

With detailed ad revenue data available in Datascape, you can measure your users' Lifetime Value (LTV) and identify which channels and ad units generate the most revenue through ad impressions. You can also calculate your Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) or Return on Investment (ROI) to understand how efficiently you are using your advertising budget.

Depending on the ad revenue solution that you use, you can receive ad revenue data in your raw data, and you can analyze data at the user-level or impression-level within your own BI system.

Adjust’s ad revenue solutions

Adjust offers different methods for retrieving ad revenue data. Choose the method that best matches your needs.

  • Mediation platform revenue API connections - A Pull API integration with mediation platforms, enabling you to get user-level aggregated ad revenue data via scheduled pulls and see it in Datascape.

  • Mediation platform revenue SDK connections - An SDK plugin of the mediation platform that can be integrated within the Adjust SDK, allowing them to send impression-level requests to our servers and see it in Datascape.

  • Network revenue API connections - An integration with numerous monetization networks that lets you retrieve aggregated ad revenue data and record your mobile advertising revenue.

  • Network revenue S2S connections - An endpoint that lets you upload your ad revenue data directly to Adjust, and see it in Datascape. Use this solution if you measure ad revenue yourself or with a mediation platform that doesn't have an integration with Adjust.

SolutionGranularitySetupData exports
  • User-level aggregated data
Setup in DataWorks>ConnectionsDaily, no accurate timestamps provided with callbacks
  • Impression-level data
SDK plugin implementationIn real-time
  • Aggregated data
Setup in DataWorks>ConnectionsDaily, as soon as available
  • User-level aggregated data
  • Impression-level data
S2S authenticationIn real-time

Supported revenue connections

Mediation platformAPISDK
AppLovin MAX
Helium by Chartboost -
Unity LevelPlay (ironSource) 
TopOn -

Key terms

Ad revenueThe revenue generated by users viewing in-app ads.
Ad impressionEach in-app ad that a user views is an ad impression.
Mediation platformA tool for app developers to efficiently sell ad space, simplifying operations by managing and optimizing ad inventory across multiple ad networks. It employs real-time optimization to automatically select the highest yielding network based on key performance metrics like eCPM (effective cost per mille (one thousand impressions)), maximizing revenue for companies in app development and advertising supply.
User-level aggregated ad revenue dataAll ad impressions of a specific user are merged into one entry.

Example: If a user triggers 3 impressions with a revenue of 0.1 each, then we fire one callback for this user with a value of 0.3.
Impression-level ad revenue dataEach ad impressions of a specific user is recorded separately.

Example: If a user triggers 3 impressions with a revenue 0.1 each, then we send 3 separate requests, one for each ad impression that the user triggered.