Ad revenue reporting

See your mobile ad revenue and user lifetime value (LTV) with Adjust’s ad revenue integrations. 

Adjust currently offers ad revenue integrations with the following partners:

To track ad revenue and access user-level data, follow the instructions for your integration. Here, you’ll learn how to find your ad revenue metrics in the Adjust dashboard and export your data.

Before you begin

Here’s what you need to know before getting started.


  • Admins and users with revenue data access
  • Adjust’s Ad Revenue package 

Helpful information

View your ad revenue data

Aggregated ad revenue metrics appear in your dashboard Deliverables and Cohorts.  

To view your ad revenue in Adjust, follow these steps.

  1. Find your app and select your app options caret (^)
  2. Select Statistics

Note: When a platform sends ad revenue data from a device we haven't tracked installs from, we cannot match that data to a device ID. This can happen if you switch your tracking to Adjust from another provider, without first importing devices. In these cases, ad revenue data is displayed against a tracker called "Unknown Devices".  

Ad revenue and Ad Revenue Cohort KPIs

The Ad Revenue package adds the following KPIs to your Deliverables view:

  • Ad Impressions: the total number of ads served to end-users
  • Ad Revenue: the total revenue paid to publishers for serving in-app ads
  • Ad Revenue per Mille Impressions (Ad RPM): your ad revenue per thousand impressions  

You can also see the following Ad Revenue Cohort KPIs in Cohorts:

  • Ad Revenue
  • Ad Revenue Total
  • Ad RPM 
  • All Revenue (in-app + ad revenue)
  • All Revenue Total
  • All Revenue per User

KPIs are critical for measuring campaign success. To add or remove KPIs from your view, select Filter (funnel icon) > Column Selection.

Export ad revenue data


  • Admins and users with revenue data access
  • Business (or higher) pricing plan 


  • A server/BI system or cloud storage solution

You can send unaggregated, device-level data to your servers / BI system (through real-time callbacks) or cloud storage solution (with CSV uploads).

Follow the specific data export instructions for your integration using the appropriate ad revenue partner article: AppLovin MAXironSource and Mopub.