How to troubleshoot your Adjust callbacks

If you are experiencing trouble with finding or receiving callbacks, we recommend trying the solutions outlined below.

Adjust can forward callbacks up to 1MB.

Allowlist Adjust's callback IPs

Adjust sends all callbacks from certain subnets. Learn more about Adjust’s server IPs and the full list of IP addresses to allowlist.

Make sure your callback URL is formatted correctly 

Check that special characters like ampersands (&) and spaces ( ) are correctly placed and properly encoded (or unencoded). Some partners only share campaign information over HTTPS. We recommend using https:// for all callback URLs.

Check your placeholders

Use our placeholder list to confirm that your placeholders are correct. Note that we can only send placeholder information that's available when you request your callback—for example, click callbacks can't include the {installed_at} timestamp. 

See our recommended placeholders for each callback activity.

Review your parameters

Make sure your internal system recognizes all parameters in use. 

Automatic retry of failed callbacks

If your server endpoint is unavailable or returns a 5xx HTTP response, Adjust tries to resend the callback up to six times over the next 24 hours. To protect data security, our callback server records the HTTPS response of your endpoint and doesn't follow any redirects. If your server goes down and you need historical user data, we always do our best to recall this data retroactively.