With Statistics, you can dig into the overall health of your campaigns and app events, or take a closer look at your key performance indicators (KPIs), ad spend, and ROI.

Here, you'll learn how to find the Statistics section of your Adjust dashboard and learn how to access your different tabs and filters.

View your Statistics

You can view your Statistics at the account level or the app level.

  • Account-level Statistics: Select MENU to open the main menu, then select Statistics

Select MENU

  • App-level Statistics: Find your app and select your app options caret (^), then select Statistics OR find your app and select the app icon

Select your app options caret (^)


Your Statistics tabs

Your app-level Statistics view contains:


Your Deliverables show an overview of your most important attribution metrics: your campaign data and app activity. Each row lists a traffic source—we sort these by install count, starting with highest. The columns of the chart are your key performance indicators (KPIs). These are attribution details (like clicks and installs) or app events.

Deliverables data is automatically available for the current month. To change your timeframe, select This month above your table or graph. Choose one of the preset views or specify a custom time frame. 

Deliverables data is aggregated and specific to the selected time period. While the installs and the sessions happened over the past month, the session count reflects activity from your entire user base, not just your newly installed users. To see KPIs for a specific user group, select the Cohorts tab.

Fraud prevention

This tab is available with Adjust's Fraud Prevention Suite. It contains all of your analytics from the suite, including your untrusted devices, rejected installs, rejected reattributions, and more.

Ad Spend

It contains all of your analytics related to how much you spend on your ads from source to source. Each row shows ad spend data per network, and each column shows a cost KPI.


To find out how a group of users behaves over a period of time, use the Cohorts tab. Follow your users (by source) over time, then see where they drop off and/or churn. You can use filters to look at your cohorts by install date or country and select cohort-specific KPIs, like retention rate or lifetime value.

Your statistics icons

In every app-level Statistics tab, you can: