Adjust Testing Console

The Adjust Testing Console allows you to easily verify raw device activity directly within your Adjust dashboard. By simply inserting your advertising ID into a single field, you can immediately review attribution data, confirm event activity, and clear your device between tests. Learn the ins and outs of testing in the sections below.

Please note that the Adjust Testing Console is only available to dashboard users with admin, editor, or custom access.

Validate your device activity using the Testing Console


In the Adjust dashboard
  1. Navigate to your app and select your app options overview caret (^)
  2. Select All Settings > (DATA MANAGEMENT) Testing Console 
  3. Insert your advertising ID and select VIEW DEVICE DATA (all supported advertising IDs are listed in the FAQs below
  4. For continued testing within the console, select INSPECT DEVICE 

Once you’ve requested your data, the following device specifications will appear:

  • Tracker name
  • Adjust tracker token
  • State (installed or reattributed)*
  • Install state (installed, uninstalled, or reinstalled)*
  • Last session timestamp
  • Last event(s) timestamp(s)—event tokens listed
  • Install timestamp
  • Click timestamp
  • App version
  • App version short
  • Advertising ID
  • ADID—Internal Adjust ID
  • Push token
*State tells you whether a user is attributed to their first (install) tracker or if they have been reattributed to a later source of attribution. Install state tells you whether the user has uninstalled or reinstalled the app. This means that a user can have, e.g., their State displayed as installed and their Install state displayed as uninstalled.

Please note that if you are viewing data from a Facebook or Twitter campaign and you have not signed the applicable terms and conditions, the Testing Console will display a dummy tracker name and token.

If you are running a Facebook campaign, your tracker token will always display as fbinst and the tracker name as Facebook Installs. For Twitter, you will see twinst and Twitter Installs.

Clear your advertising ID from Adjust between tests

As a reminder, Adjust tracks an install as the first time an app is opened from an unrecognized device. Based on this definition, an install can only occur once per unique device. Therefore, if you want to test install tracking using the same device, its advertising ID and activity history must be cleared from our system. Clearing your advertising ID enables you to test install and unique event tracking multiple times on the same device.

Devices are cleared on a per-app basis. This means that when you clear your advertising ID in Adjust, you wipe all of its previously tracked activity (for your app) from our system. Once a device has been properly cleared, it becomes a “fresh” device, never before seen by Adjust (for your app). To ensure that your device is successfully erased, you must delete your app from your testing device before clearing it in the dashboard. To clear your device, proceed with the instructions below.


In the Adjust dashboard

  1. Navigate to your app and select your app overview caret (^)
  2. Select All Settings > (DATA MANAGEMENT) Testing Console 
  3. Insert your advertising ID and select VIEW DEVICE DATA (all supported advertising IDs are listed in the FAQs below
  4. Select FORGET DEVICE 


What advertising IDs are compatible with the Testing Console?

The Adjust Testing Console can be used with the following advertising IDs:

  • IDFA (iOS)
  • Google advertising ID (Android)
  • Android ID (Android)
  • Windows advertising ID (Windows)
  • Fire advertising ID (Kindle)

Where can I find my advertising ID?

If you are on iPhone or iPad, you can find your IDFA through the Adjust Insights app for iOS. Download the app from the Apple App Store and open it up to see your IDFA. You can select your IDFA to copy it to your clipboard or share it via the icon at the top right.

Likewise, for Android, through the Adjust Insights app you can select the Google advertising identifier or Android identifier to copy the value to your clipboard, or select the email icon to send the values via your default email client.

How should I test?

To test that Adjust is properly tracking your device, follow the steps below:

  1. Operate a mobile device that:
    • Does not have your app installed and
    • Has not been tracked by Adjust: in order for Adjust to track your test app launch as an install, all previously tracked app activity must be cleared from the Adjust system. To erase a device’s app history from the backend, use the FORGET DEVICE function of our Testing Console.
  2. Click on the Adjust tracker URL of your choice (example:
    • Tip: Allow Adjust to perform device matching by appending your advertising ID to its corresponding Adjust parameter.
      • For iPhone:
      • For Android:
  3. Download your latest app version with the Adjust SDK integrated to your testing device
  4. Open the app
  5. Log in to the Adjust dashboard and use the Testing Console to verify your device activity


  • When testing attribution (tracked click to install) you must wait at least 60 seconds before engaging with the same tracker URL prior to install. If you click on an Adjust tracker repeatedly within the span of one minute, we will identify your activity as click spamming and reject the click for attribution.
  • When testing reattribution (attribution from one tracked source to another) you must wait at least 30 minutes before reopening your app, unless you have configured your app for instant reattribution.
  • In-app events can only be properly tracked following an app install. If you are clearing your device between tests, you must reinstall your app prior to triggering an in-app event.

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