Track revenue in different currencies

With Adjust's automatic currency conversion, you can set up a single reporting currency in your Adjust dashboard and send us transactions made around the world––we'll convert them for you automatically. 

Use these setup instructions to set a reporting currency and learn more about how currency conversion works at Adjust.

Before you begin

Here's what you need to know before getting started.

Helpful information

  • Setting up currency conversion is a two-step process. First, set your reporting currency in the dashboard when you create a new app. Next, set up currency conversion in the SDK.
  • Your reporting currency is permanent. After you choose your reporting currency, the Adjust SDK receives your transactions in their local currency and converts the amount using openexchange api into your reporting currency.
  • Changes to your reporting currency after setup are not retroactive and cause discrepancies. To avoid discrepancies in your reported revenue, cost-related events, and cost-based Audience Builder segments, select the same reporting currency in the dashboard as you do in the SDK.
  • Full list of currencies supported by our SDK

Set your app's reporting currency in the dashboard

To set your reporting currency during app setup, follow these steps.

  1. Select NEW APP.
  3. Choose your reporting currency from the dropdown menu.
  4. Complete the other fields as necessary and select CREATE APP.

Well done! Now that you've set your app's reporting currency, it's time to set up currency conversion in the SDK.

Set up currency conversion in the SDK

To set up currency conversion in the Adjust SDK, follow these steps:

See reporting currency in your callbacks

Once you've completed both setup processes, your reporting currency is visible in the dashboard and your reports. To view your selected reporting currency in your callbacks, use the following Adjust placeholders:

  • {currency} - Returns the original currency from the SDK (we use ISO 4217 currency codes).
  • {revenue_float} - Returns the original revenue from the SDK in whole currency units.