Add custom callback parameters

Once your callbacks have been set up, you can choose to receive custom data from them. This is useful when you want to pass custom parameters on sessions and events to your Business Intelligence system for your own analytical purposes.

Session callback parameters

Session callback parameters let you receive custom user information, such as usernames, product IDs, and transaction numbers, with your install, session, and reattribution callbacks. Because Adjust measures all app events during sessions, this custom data will also appear in your event callbacks. 

Once your developers set a session callback parameter in the Adjust SDK, every session and post-install event for that user will include the session callback parameter from that point forward, unless or until the user uninstalls the app. We recommend that your developers set the session callback parameter as soon as the value is available in the app for the user. If possible, they should set the session callback parameter before they initialize the SDK. This way, the parameter will be included with the install activity in your analytics.

Set up session callback parameters

To get started, add session callback parameters to the Adjust SDK using our developer guides:

If you use the same parameter name (key name) for events and sessions, the event value takes priority over the session value. For example, if the event value is "foo=25" and the session value is "foo=10", your event callback will include "foo=25".

Event callbacks parameters

Callback parameters are applicable for each instance of an event. For example, when a purchase event occurs, you may want to have transaction_id as a callback parameter. Or if a "level achieved" event occurs, you may want to have the level number as a callback parameter. Your developers need to explicitly pass each callback parameter and value on each instance of each event.

Event callback parameters are available in user-level data only and not displayed in Datascape. Our system does not process custom event parameters in any way, it only passes them through.

You should not pass any personally identifiable information in your custom parameters.

Set up event callback parameters

Event callback parameters let you receive custom event data from Adjust. This can be set up in the Adjust SDK or via S2S events.

Set up with the Adjust SDK

Add event callback parameters to the Adjust SDK using our developer guides:

Set up with Server-to-server(S2S)

Set up passing custom event data to Adjust with S2S events using our developer guide: