Metric alerts

Pulse metric alerts is a notification system that enables you to monitor your campaigns. You can customize your alerts using your preferred metrics, dimensions, and conditions to monitor anomalies, campaign performance, and fraudulent activities (for users of Adjust Fraud Prevention).

In the All pulses page, check all the alerts you have set up. You can:

  • Create a new alert.
  • Manage your alerts.
  • Set your alerts to Active or Inactive.
Growth solution:
Pulse is available as an Adjust Growth Solution. To get Pulse on your account, contact


Use templates to create new alerts with a predefined data and logic selection. Pulse templates give you a foundation on which to build advanced metric alerts. This reduces the amount of time required to define your alert logic and data sets.

Templates are editable so you can use them as a baseline for a more detailed alert. These are the current templates to choose from: