Adjust LinkMe lets you use on-device capabilities to make use of Adjust’s deferred deep linking functionality. LinkMe also lets you carry out accurate attribution reporting on devices running iOS 15 and above.


  • Adjust iOS SDK v4.31.0
  • For Apple devices running iOS 15+.
  • The user needs to use the Safari web browser.
  • The linkme=1 parameter needs to be manually added to your link URL before giving the link to supporting partners. This lets us know where to redirect the user. For example:


How it works

When a user clicks on a deferred deep link for an app with LinkMe active, they will be redirected to a special landing page.

LinkMe infographic

On this page your app name and text will appear giving your users a prompt to:

  • Copy the page before being redirected to the App Store.
  • Go to the App Store without copying the page.

When a user copies the page, they are redirected to the intended page in your app. Adjust uses on-device methods that are privacy compliant to do this.