Web attribution

Adjust’s web attribution solution helps you to accurately measure and attribute your web users' activities in Adjust. This lets you analyze marketing campaign data from both mobile apps and websites in one place.

This section contains information about setting up web attribution in Adjust, reporting, and FAQs. For instructions on how to set up measurement for web campaigns, see the Measure web campaigns article

Growth solution:
Web Attribution is available as an Adjust Growth Solution. To get Web Attribution on your account, contact sales@adjust.com.

How it works

To identify unique web users, the Adjust web SDK generates a unique web_uuid when it measures a session. The ID is created per subdomain and per browser. This means that if a user switches from Chrome to Safari, the SDK creates 2 web_uuid entries for the device. The identifier follows the Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) format.

  • Example: web_uuid=4d1615ab-ee78-49aa-a10f-d57035322a42

Adjust uses IndexedDB to store the web_uuid in the browser, or falls back to localStorage if IndexedDB is not available. These respect a same-origin policy to safeguard privacy. Because of this, Adjust does not support cross-subdomain measurement and does not use cookies. 

Adjust only supports click-based attribution for web, not impression-based attribution or probabilistic modeling.

Browser support

What's next?

Follow these steps to get started with web attribution:

  1. Set up web attribution for your app.
  2. Configure web attribution for different partners.