1. Set up ATT in the Adjust SDK

To ensure you capture the user's ATT status right away, we recommend using our ATT wrapper function. Using the wrapper means you do not have to add ATT support to your app manually.

Here's how it works:

  1. The wrapper launches the iOS consent pop-up the first time it is called.
  2. Every time after, the wrapper retrieves the tracking authorization status.
  3. The SDK sends this status to the Adjust backend, which relays the information to you.

Supported development frameworks

ATT support is available for all development frameworks that target iOS devices. Your developer can follow these instructions to set up ATT in the Adjust SDK:

  1. Download and set up Adjust SDK v4.23.0 and later.

⚙️ iOS / Unity / Cordova / Flutter / Titanium / Corona / Cocos2d-x / React Native

  1. Follow the guide for your platform to set up ATT:

📖 iOS / Unity / Cordova / Flutter / Titanium / Corona / Cocos2d-x / React Native