SKAdNetwork Google Ads integration

Adjust offers a SKAdNetwork integration with Google Ads that enables you to report on your Google App Campaign for Install (ACI) SKAdNetwork performance alongside your Adjust data.

  • The Google Ads push API does not yet support SKAN 4 CV mapping sharing. This means it only shares pre SKAN 4 schemas, and coarse conversion values will not be shared.

What SKAN data does Google Ads report?

Google Ads does not send Adjust the full SKAdNetwork install payload, meaning that some datapoints are not available in your aggregated reporting or raw data.

Use these links to see exactly what data you can and cannot see from your Google Ads SKAdNetwork campaign reporting.

Google always reports their SKAN conversions based on ad interaction time. For example: click time.

Connect your Google Ads account to Adjust

To receive SKAdNetwork reporting data, Adjust uses your Google Ads account credentials to make requests to the Google Reporting API. This means you need to link your Google Ads account to Adjust in DataWorks, and add the SKAdNetwork service to activate the Adjust pull API.

Unlike other SKAN partners, Google does not read CV mappings from Adjust's pull API endpoint. Instead, Adjust pushes the mapping to Google's endpoint. As a result, you also need to add the CV mapping sharing service. This allows Adjust to share the mappings you set up in Conversion Hub and send them to Google.

To connect your Google Ads account, follow these steps:

  1. Under DataWorks, select Connections.
  2. Select New Connection.
  3. Select Google Ads from the list of partners.
  4. Select both SKAdNetwork and CV Mapping Sharing as the services that you want to connect.
  5. Authenticate your account.
  6. Select Connect.

When your account has been successfully connected, you will see the OK badge () display in the table.