Google Ads integration

With Adjust's SKAdNetwork integration with Google Ads, Adjust will be able to retrieve and report your Google App Campaign for Install (ACI) SKAdNetwork performance. To learn more about Google's Reporting API SKAdNetwork support, check Google's guidelines or reach out to your Google Ads representative.

Before you begin

To receive SKAdNetwork reporting data, Adjust uses your Google Ads account credentials to make requests to the Google Reporting API. This means you need to link your Google Ads account to the Adjust dashboard in Partner Ad Accounts.

To link your account, follow these steps.

  1. In Adjust, select MENU.
  2. Select Partner Ad Accounts > Google.
  3. Select ADD ACCOUNT
  4. On the Google sign-in page, confirm the account you want to give access to.
  5. Select ALLOW to give Adjust permissions for ad spend tracking

For more information about connecting your account, use our Google setup guide.

Google always reports their SKAD conversions based on ad interaction time. For example: click time.
When you add your Google Ads account, Adjust also pulls Google ad spend data alongside your SKAdNetwork data. Currently, there is no way to turn this off.

SKAdNetwork install reporting

Use the table below to see exactly what data you can expect to see from your Google Ads SKAdNetwork campaign reporting.

{campaign_name}APP1 Google iOS US (12345678901)
{sk_campaign_id}Always "0"
{sk_invalid_signature}Always returns "0"
{sk_redownload}Always "False"