CSV uploads to cloud storage

You can automatically export your raw user data to cloud storage with Adjust’s CSV uploads.

Using CSV uploads

Learn to format and name your CVS file before getting started.

Get started

For detailed instructions on setting up CSV uploads, select your storage provider below.

Change your storage provider in Adjust

If you want Adjust to upload your CSV files to a different storage provider, follow these steps:

In the Adjust dashboard:

  1. Navigate to your apps and select your app options caret ( ^ ).
  2. Select All Settings > Raw Data Exports > CSV Upload.
  3. Select your new storage provider from the dropdown menu.
  4. Enter your credentials for your new storage provider.
  5. Optional: Edit your events for export and CSV definition.
  6. Select Save.
Adjust can only upload CSV data files to one cloud storage provider at a time. If you change storage providers, Adjust will no longer send CSV uploads to your previous provider.