Manage your Adjust account

In the Account settings area you can find all the important information relating to your account setup. Account admins can use this page to see an overview of their users, as well as pricing and billing details.

Your access and edit rights to the different areas within Account settings is determined by your user permissions. See Permission levels to learn more about user permissions.


To access your Account Settings:

  1. Hover over (Profile icon).
  2. Select Account Settings.

Hover over your profile icon.


Change account

To switch to a diferent account:

  1. Hover over (Profile icon).
  2. Select Change account or press /.
  3. Type the name of the account and select it from the list.

Manage your account subscription

If you have any questions relating to the management of your account, such as how to cancel your subscription, contact your Adjust representative or


From the Account Settings overview, Admins can see all key information for the account. Other users can only see the My profile area.

The Overview tab is organized in tiles. Each tile displays specific information from your account.

Your account plan

The Account plan tile displays an overview of your account’s plan, including the following:

  • Plan type
  • Defined time zone
  • Expected charges for the contract's billing cycle
  • Included in your plan:
    • Attributions: The number of installs and reattribution for all apps in the account
    • Monthly active users (MAU): The average monthly active users for all apps in the account
    • Datapoints: The sum of all sessions (which include but are not limited to installs, attributions and reattributions), events, impressions, and clicks that are measured for your account
Thresholds are based on the terms of your account contract.

Your current period

The Current period tile displays details of your current billing period. It includes the following:

  • Time span: The period of the measurement activity. It is set according to the usage cycle and the start date of your contract. For example, if your contract started on January 5 with a monthly usage cycle, the usage period starts from the 5th of current month to the 4th of next month.
The time span of the measurement activity period could be different from the billing period. The billing period depends on the billing cycle.
  • Next bill: The date of your next bill
  • Usage statistics: Your current consumption
    • The first number (top) displays the current consumption, and the number below corresponds to its threshold. The threshold is displayed only for one meausurement. The remaining ones display Included.
    • If you go over the limit for your threshold, the number is highlighted in a different color to indicate it needs attention.
The calculation of usage statistics uses daily UTC+0 as the reference time, which may vary from data you see reported in Datascape that uses a different schedule.


An overview of your account's registered users per role. See Manage users and Permission levels to learn more.

Account history

An overview of all actions taken in your account. See Account history to learn more.


An overview of your invoices. See Manage invoices to learn more.