Anonymous IP filtering

Adjust’s Anonymous IP filter maintains the integrity of your app’s data by protecting it from fraudulent install activity coming from VPNs, Tor exit nodes, and data centers. This targets fraudsters using device farms and emulation software to fake installs and place the conversions in high-value markets.

The filter cross-checks all of your app installs and reattributions with MaxMind’s anonymous IP database. Any user affiliated with an anonymizing service, such as a VPN, Tor exit node or with known data centers, is attributed to Untrusted Devices. This helps prevent the majority of fraudulent attributions associated with device farms and emulators before they enter your data set, and reduces the impact of data center manipulation tactics significantly.

Growth solution:
The Fraud Prevention Suite is available as an Adjust Growth Solution. To get Fraud Prevention on your account, contact

Anonymous IP filtering data in reports

Installs rejected by the Anonymous IP filter are assigned to Anonymous IP - a sublink of the network-level link Untrusted Devices. You can also use the following KPIs to view rejected installs and reattributions by traffic source.

In reportsKPI
Rejected install: anonymous IP (RI AIP)rejected_installs_anon_ip
Rejected reattribution: anonymous IP (RR AIP)rejected_reattributions_anon_ip


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