Linear TV ad measurement with Video Research

Adjust’s Linear TV Ad Measurement uses TV advertising data provided by Video Research to assess the impact of linear TV ads in your marketing mix. With this solution, you can measure and analyze the number of app installs derived from terrestrial television commercials.

Before you begin

Here’s what you need to know before getting started.


A paid contract with Video Research is required to use this solution. Technical and Sales support is only available in Japanese.
  • Using this solution is compatible with all Adjust’s pricing plans.
  • TV commercial attributions are billed as regular attributions.

How it works

Adjust has partnered with Video Research to pair TV commercial data with Adjust attribution and deliver the data you need to assess your terrestrial TV marketing strategy success. Video Research only provides TV commercial data from commercial terrestrial TV stations, not from independent broadcasters.

Video Research checks the times of commercial broadcasts and certain other data points. Once they share this information with Adjust, we can perform attribution with our existing install data. When Adjust performs attribution, we select the best matching engagement based on what time the TV commercial was broadcast, where it was broadcast, and the location of the device at first app open.

Commercial distribution data is sent for the previous day's broadcasts from Video Research to Adjust every business day by 15:00 JST. The time the data is sent may vary depending on your contract with Video Research and the number of apps involved.

TV engagements in the attribution waterfall

In the attribution waterfall, Adjust gives priority to both click- and impression-based engagements with network ads. This means attribution for TV commercials is determined using organic installs that are not linked to other data points. So, if Adjust has recorded a qualifying mobile ad click or impression prior to the TV commercial, the attribution is awarded to that previous engagement.

Attribution window

The attribution window is set in minutes. You should map the window settings to the frequency of your TV advert broadcasting: if the frequency of a commercial broadcast is high, it is recommended to set your attribution window to a short time period, such as five minutes.

Using a longer attribution window (such as 120 minutes) is not recommended for linear TV ad measurement. This is because commercials broadcast in a specific geographical area every couple of hours would likely be attributed for almost all organic installs.

Set up Linear TV Ad Measurement

Be aware that it may take a few days after set up before the solution is available.

1. Set up in Adjust

First activate Adjust's integration with Video Research. This ensures we can start measuring the impact of your TV ads as soon as we receive data from Video Research.

To activate the integration, reach out to your Adjust representative or They will provide you with a request form to complete.

Once your request has been approved, follow these steps in the Adjust classic dashboard:

  1. Find your app and select your app options caret (^).
  2. Select Partner Setup > ADD PARTNERS.
  3. Select the add (+) icon next to Video Research (TVCM).
  4. Turn ON the Enabled toggle.
  5. Customize the attribution window (minutes).
  6. Optional: Enter your Meigara code (銘柄コード).
    • You receive your Meigara code from Video Research when they start sending commercial data to Adjust. You do not need the code to activate the integration in Adjust.
  7. Select Save.

The Video Research integration is now active, and Adjust can start ad measurement on your account. Attribution data can be updated retroactively for up to 7 days from this time.

2. Apply to Video Research

To use Adjust's TV Commercial Measurement solution, you need to apply to Video Research. Their service requires a fee for data transmission.

Video Research checks the times of commercial broadcasts and certain other data points. Once they share this information with Adjust, we can perform attribution with our existing install data. Video Research may need to reformat some of your data prior to sharing so that it matches the format in Adjust’s system.

3. Enter your Meigara code

Your Meigara code is sent to you by email from Video Research when they transmit the first TV commercial data to Adjust. If you do not receive your Meigara code, contact your Video Research representative.

Once you receive the code, enter it in the Video Research Partner Setup section of the Adjust classic dashboard.

  1. Find your app and select your app options caret (^).
  2. Select __Partner Setup > Video Research (TVCM).
  3. Enter your Meigara code (銘柄コード).
  4. Select Save.

When the integration is active with the Meigara code and Video Research is sending data, setup for linear TV attribution measurement is complete.

Reporting linear TV attributions

Once Adjust receives the necessary commercial distribution data from Video Research, we look for possible matches to the recorded app installs.

When Adjust selects a TV commercial to attribute an install to, it is reported as an updated attribution. Updated attribution callbacks are fired whenever a user’s attribution changes after the initial install attribution or reattribution. This does not affect the forwarding of organic data to other TV measurement or analytics partners. Updated attributions can be updated retroactively for up to 7 days.

When Video Research does not update data for more than 7 days during annual long holiday breaks such as Golden Week and New Year, your report data provided by Adjust will not be updated.