Pre-install measurement

Adjust’s pre-install measurement support lets you accurately measure data from apps preloaded on devices. Once set up, pre-install partners receive attributions for each app activation. This lets you measure:

  • How many users opened your app.
  • The comparative performance of your pre-install partners.
  • Which partners provide the most high-value users.


Pre-installed apps can be found on many factory-setup devices, which are distributed by the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), mobile carriers, and retailers. With Adjust, you can measure the impact of pre-installing your app on devices, and how this performs against driving installs from paid media.

You can also use Adjust to measure your app that is distributed from a third-party Android store, such as in non-Google play markets.

Adjust's solutions

Adjust offers three methods to measure user activity on pre-installed apps.

  • Predefined engagement in device - Adjust’s pre-install partners save engagement data to the device. Once the app is opened and the Adjust SDK initializes, Adjust sends the data to our servers for attribution.

  • APK preinstall with default link - Run campaigns with any OEM, even if they are not an Adjust partner, and record activity in third-party stores. The APK automatically assigns installs to a predefined link, written directly into the Adjust SDK.

  • Google Play Auto Install - When a user launches a preinstalled app for the first time, the Adjust SDK retrieves an encoded utm_campaign value via the Google Play referrer API. Adjust then makes the attribution decision based on the data appended within the utm_campaign parameter.