Server-to-server (S2S) integration

Adjust's S2S API integrations let you connect your app to Adjust without using the Adjust SDK or making any changes to your app code.

Here, you can find out some of the reasons our customers choose to work server-to-server. We'll also explain some of the limitations of the integration.

Benefits of S2S integration

You may choose to report events to Adjust S2S for a number of reasons. For example:

  • Flexibility to measure campaigns without making changes to the app code.
  • Record events that are based on custom triggers or custom KPIs in your own system.
  • Verify app events with an external service before sending them to Adjust.
  • Only share certain data with third parties for security reasons.

Unavailable features S2S

There are certain drawbacks to working S2S. These include:

  • Potential loss of data during prologned offline activity.
  • Increased risk of fraud without data authentication correctly implemented.
  • Additional resources and engineering overhead as the client server must always send data in the correct format, order, and sequence for attribution.

In addition, there are certain features which cannot be set up with S2S integration. Use the menu below to explore what these are and why they are not supported.

Deferred deep linking

Attribution callbacks

Apple Search Ads

Fraud: Click Injection Google Play Store

Fraud: SDK Spoofing Protection

Next steps

If you're ready to start working with Adjust using server-to-server integration, use our S2S API developer guides.