Measure CTV-to-mobile campaigns with a managed service

Adjust is an approved vendor for many different managed service providers operating in CTV advertising. This means that representatives from the provider handle the implementation of your creatives and Adjust links in the service platform.

Here you can learn how to measure campaigns run by a managed service, by creating a cross-device Adjust link and submitting it to the network.

Adjust's CTV-mobile measurement solution should not be used for apps that need to comply with COPPA legislation.

How it works

Managed services act on your behalf to purchase ad placements, run campaigns, and monitor engagement. This is typically all performed on their own demand-side platform.

As a result, when you work with one of Adjust's CTV managed service partners the process is streamlined. After creating a cross-device link in Adjust, you submit this along with your ad creative(s) to your partner. They will handle the rest.

Check our guide to CTV-to-mobile measurement for a list of all Adjust's measurement partners. For all of the partners which do not have dedicated setup guides, you can follow the instructions below.

1. Create a cross-device link in Adjust

Select Campaign Lab > + New Partner.

To create an Adjust connected TV link, follow these steps.

  1. Select Campaign Lab.
  2. Select + New Partner.
  3. Select a network from the list.
  4. Choose the app you want to create the link for.
  5. Under Set your link use case, select Cross-device link.
  6. Enter a name for your link.
  7. Optional: Update the link's campaign structure parameters.
  8. Optional: Customize the attribution window for your cross-device link.
  9. Review your link settings and select Create link.

Here's an example cross-device impression link you might see:{CAMPAIGN_NAME}%20({CAMPAIGN_ID})&adgroup={APP_ID}&creative={AD_NAME}&country={CC}&adgroup_id={PLACEMENT_ID}&ip_address={DEVICE_IP}&campaign_id={CAMPAIGN_ID}&device_type={DEVICE_TYPE}&publisher_id={APP_ID}&tracker_limit=100000&applovin_click_id={DID}&applovin_event_id={EVENT_ID}&external_tracker_ids=1&android_id_lower_sha1={HADID}

Cross-device links should not be used for any mobile or web campaign. If you do use them in these types of campaign you will see large data discrepancies.

2. Submit the Adjust link to your network partner

Once you have your Adjust link ready, you need to add it to your campaign creative. This will be done on the partner platform where you are running the campaign.

Reach out to your representative at the network, and provide them with the creative you want to run along with the link. They should then handle the partner-side setup themselves.