Track CTV app campaigns on Samsung TV

With Adjust's Samsung server-to-server (S2S) integration, you can measure the impact of campaigns you run on Samsung TV inventory that drive installs of your CTV app.

Here, you can find information about how CTV-CTV measurement with Samsung works and how to get set up.

Integration details

Adjust's S2S integration with Samsung cannot be used in conjunction with the Adjust SDK.

Samsung campaign reporting structure

Here's how Samsung campaign data is reported in Adjust:

  • Campaign = __CAMPAIGN_ID__
  • Creative = __CREATIVE_ID__

1. Add your CTV app in Adjust

A screen recording of how to add a new CTV app to the Adjust dashboard.

Neither Samsung nor Tizen is available as a platform for CTV apps in the Adjust system. Instead use Android TV platform.

To add your Samsung TV app to the Adjust dashboard, follow these steps.

  1. Select + NEW APP.
  2. Select Connected TV APP.
  3. Enter the app name.
  4. Select the Android platform.
  5. Enter the App ID. Learn more.
  6. Select your reporting currency.
  7. Select CREATE APP.

Great job, you can now see your CTV app on the dashboard. Use the Mobile and Connected TV labels to switch your view between app types.

2. Share your app token for allowlisting

Your app token uniquely identifies your app within Adjust. To support CTV tracking with Samsung, it needs to be allowlisted in the Adjust backend.

To find and copy your app token:

  1. Find your app and select your app options caret (^).
  2. Select All Settings.
  3. Select Show App Details (if app token is hidden).
  4. Select Copy (clipboard icon) located on the right-hand side.

Find your app and select the app option caret (^).


Now contact your Technical Account Manager or and request to allowlist your app token.

3. Create an Adjust link

Follow our basic tracker setup to create an Adjust link that you can use in your campaigns. Put this link behind the ads you serve on Samsung TV.

4. Server-to-server integration

When you set up server-to server integration with Adjust, you only send Adjust in-app session and event data through S2S API calls.


  • For details on the requirements for your in-app solution, refer to Adjust's server-to-server attribution checklist.
  • All requests to Adjust servers must be made in the same sequential order they occur on the device.
  • Always include the os_name in your request. This can be:
    • android
    • ios
    • fire-tv
    • roku
    • vizio

Send sessions

Sessions are the base of all attribution and tracking in Adjust. They trigger when a user resumes using an app from the background or when they open the app.

To send Adjust sessions, use our S2S sessions API.


Send in-app events

To send Adjust in-app event data, use our S2S events API.


Export your data

To get device-level data sent to your BI system for analysis, set up raw data exports.

{tifa}Tizen OS advertising identifier, used for Samsung only. TIFA is accepted for deterministic matching for CTV apps that have Android TV saved as their platform.