Filter your data

Comparing Android data in EMEA and APAC? Analyzing users reattributed to a specific partner last month? With Adjust, you can filter your Deliverables to find the exact data you need.

To get started, select Filter (funnel icon) in the top right above your table or graph.

Note: To change the timeframe shown in your Deliverables (e.g., today, last week, all time, custom), select This month above your table or graph. Use the filter sidebar to access all other filters.

Deliverables filters

Open the filter sidebar to narrow your data by region, platform, attribution type, and more. 


Use this filter to only see data from specific countries. Select the countries you want to include in your Deliverables, or select Exclude to remove them instead.


Use this filter to only see data from LATAM, NA, APAC, and/or EMEA. Select the regions you want to include in your Deliverables, or select Exclude to remove these regions instead. 


Use this filter to see any combination of Android, iOS, and/or off-platform data. 

Tip: When investigating low conversion rates, use the off-platform filter to see how many clicks and impressions came from unsupported platforms.


Need to compare your cross-channel campaigns side by side? Use this filter to only see data from specific partners. Select any combination of your activated self-attributing partners and/or networks linked to Adjust trackers.

View by

Use this filter to sort your table by TrackerDateWeekMonthCountryRegion (APAC, EMEA, and LATAM), PlatformDevice Type, or Partner. Adjust automatically filters by tracker.

Time zone

Use this filter to change the time zone (available in 30-minute intervals) used in your Deliverables. Adjust automatically reports in UTC.

Attribution type

Use this filter to isolate click- and impression-based attributions or select All Engagements to see both types of attributions at once. Adjust automatically filters by clicks.

Note: When you filter by clicks, data from impression-based installs appears as organic (and vice versa if you filter by impressions). This lets you filter by engagement type without changing each column's total calculation.

Attribution source

Use this filter to show app activity under the user's original tracker only, or see it distributed over the user's original tracker and later reattributions. 

This filter is available with an Enterprise (or higher) pricing plan.

Attribution status

Use this filter to only see data for users with a specific attribution status. You can filter by:

  • Installed (users still attributed to their original install tracker)
  • Reattributed (users reattributed to a new source)
  • Deattributed (users deattributed away from their original install tracker)
  • All (all users)​​​​
What's the difference between reattributed and deattributed?

These are two ways of looking at the same action. When a user is reattributed to a new tracker, they're also deattributed away from their install tracker.

Both filters only show users who have been reattributed. If you filter by Reattributed, all app activity appears under the user's reattribution source. If you filter by Deattributed, the same app activity appears under the user's original install source.

Note: Any user can only be deattributed once.

Sandbox Mode

The Adjust sandbox environment lets you track test data separately from live data. Use this filter to only see test data (tracked when your SDK environment is set to sandbox) in your Deliverables.

Note: Clicks and impressions don't appear in Sandbox Mode. These KPIs aren't tracked by the Adjust SDK and are always considered live.

Column Selection (KPIs)

Use Column Selection to filter which KPIs and custom events appear in your Deliverables. Selected Columns shows KPIs included in your table; Available Columns shows KPIs excluded from your table.

To move a KPI to the other columns, select its caret (triangle). To rearrange KPIs within a column, drag and drop them into place using the 6-dot icons.

For definitions of Adjust's default KPIs, visit our Deliverables article.