Ad spend on engagement

The ad spend on engagement method records user-level ad spend. When you use this method to record ad spend, Adjust receives ad spend information at the time of ad click or impression.

This method records user-level ad spend for the following campaign pricing models:

Campaign pricing modelDescription
CPM: Cost per Mille (Cost per Impression)The advertiser pays the publisher every time a thousand impressions are recorded on a single ad. No engagement with the ad is required for this model and it is typically associated with brand awareness campaigns.
CPC: Cost per ClickThe advertiser pays the publisher every time a user clicks on an ad. There does not have to be any additional activity.
CPI: Cost per InstallThe advertiser pays the publisher every time a user clicks an ad and then goes on to install the app featured within that campaign.

Before you begin

Here's what you need to know before getting started.


  • You need to be on the SpendWorks Base, Core, Enterprise, or Custom package to get the Ad spend on engagement solution on your account.

How it works

  1. Adjust clients create a link.
  2. Adjust clients append the following necessary parameters to the link. You can also automatically append these parameters while setting up the ad network.
    • cost_type={your_macro}
    • cost_amount={your_macro}
    • cost_currency={your_macro}
  3. Adjust clients share these links with networks.
    • Example:
  4. Networks use the shared link URL to display the ad to users.
  5. At the time of click or impression, Adjust receives ad spend information.
  6. Adjust populates data for the Ad spend (Attribution) metric for these networks.

Why would you use this method?

  • No implementation is needed from Adjust.
  • It is easy to set up and can work with any ad network that can append ad spend macros to Adjust’s click or impression link URLs behind their ad.
  • The amount of ad spend is calculated based on the total number of engagements based on the cost type that you defined for the links specifically.
The values for ad spend are static and permanently linked to the engagement. This means they cannot dynamically update alongside real-time changes to bids. As a result, ad spend data may be under-reported in Adjust and you may see discrepancies with the partner dashboard.