Ad spend reporting

With Adjust’s ad spend reporting, you can see all your spend data insights in one place. This helps you to understand the performance of your campaigns and optimize them.

Aggregated reporting

You can view aggregated ad spend data in Datascape and access ad spend data through the Report Service API.

Available metrics

The following metrics help you measure your ad spend campaigns and identify key trends:

  • Clicks
  • Impressions
  • Installs
  • Ad spend
  • eCPI
  • eCPM
  • ROAS (All)
  • ROAS (iAP)
  • ROAS (Ads)
  • ROI
  • RCR (Revenue to cost ratio)

For detailed descriptions of these ad spend metrics, see our metrics glossary - Ad spend metrics.

Available dimensions

Based on the network's capabilities, ad spend data is grouped into the following dimensions:

  • Day
  • Platform
  • App store type
  • App store ID
  • Country
  • Campaign
  • Adgroup
  • Source (subpublisher)
  • Ad (creative)

Export raw data

You can receive user-level ad spend data through raw data exports.

Adjust sends user-level ad spend data through raw data exports. You can export your ad spend data through:


Raw ad spend data isn't available for self-attributing networks.


Depending on what ad spend measurement solution and export method you use, there are different activities that can be used as a trigger. Use the table below to see what is supported for your setup. Then, see what placeholders you can use in the next section.

Ad spend solutionServer callback triggersCSV upload triggers
Partner Ad Spend Push API
  • Global callbacks
  • Ad spend
  • Ad spend
AdSpend on Engagement
  • Global callbacks
  • Click
  • Impression
  • Install
  • Click
  • Impression
  • Install


To export user-level ad spend data, append placeholders to your callback string or include them in your CSV definition:

Adjust placeholderValue delivered
{cost_type}The campaign pricing model
Example: cpc; cpe; cpi; cpm
{cost_amount}Cost of the user engagement
Example: 4.99
{cost_currency}SO 4217 currency code of the ad spend data
Example: usd (see all supported currencies)
{reporting_cost}Cost of the user engagement converted to your app's reporting currency and as reported in the Adjust Dashboard
Example: 2.56
{cost_id_md5}An MD5 hash of the cost ID provided by the network (only available when the network is using Adjust's ad spend API)
{activity_kind}cost_update sent when we receive a network's ad spend information through our ad spend API following an engagement or install (use in global callbacks)