Adjust KPI Service glossary

This article refers to the metrics available from the Adjust KPI Service serving the Classic Dashboard.
We recommend all Adjust customers switch to Automate and Datascape for reporting. The Datascape metrics glossary provides information about the metrics available with these services.

Adjust's KPI Service lets you pull your Adjust Deliverables, Cohorts, and Events data. Below is a complete list of all available metrics, along with a description, calculation where necessary, and dashboard availability.

App metrics

Fraud metrics

Ad spend metrics

Ad Revenue metrics

Event metrics

Cohort metrics

Cohort metric descriptions and calculations will depend upon which day after install you are looking at. For full details on cohorts and their associated KPIs, see our cohorts documentation.

SKAdNetwork App metrics

valid_conversionsValid conversions.
invalid_payloadsInvalid payloads.
conversion_1Conversion Value 1 counter.
conversion_2Conversion Value 2 counter.
conversion_3Conversion Value 3 counter.
conversion_4Conversion Value 4 counter.
conversion_5Conversion Value 5 counter.
conversion_6Conversion Value 6 counter.
conversion_by_tokenConversions by token.
click_conversion_rateClick conversion rate (installs/clicks).
impression_conversion_rateImpression conversion rate (installs/impressions).
ctrClick through rate (clicks/impressions).
direct_installsInstalls from direct conversions.
direct_reinstallsReinstalls from direct conversions.
direct_valid_conversionsValid direct conversions.
direct_invalid_payloadsInvalid payloads from direct conversions.
direct_conversion_1Conversion Value 1 counter from direct conversions.
direct_conversion_2Conversion Value 2 counter from direct conversions.
direct_conversion_3Conversion Value 3 counter from direct conversions.
direct_conversion_4Conversion Value 4 counter from direct conversions.
direct_conversion_5Conversion Value 5 counter from direct conversions.
direct_conversion_6Conversion Value 6 counter from direct conversions.
direct_conversionDirect conversions.
direct_click_conversion_rateDirect Click conversion rate (direct_installs/clicks).
direct_impression_conversion_rateDirect Impression conversion rate (direct_installs/impressions).
qualifiersThe number of engagements qualified for the attribution, that did not win. See Activity: SKAdNetwork qualifier for more information.
ad_revenue_minMinimum ad revenue.
ad_revenue_maxMaximum ad revenue.
ad_revenue_estAverage ad revenue.
ad_impressions_minMinimum ad impressions.
ad_impressions_maxMaximum ad impressions.
ad_impressions_estAverage ad impressions.

SKAdNetwork Event metrics

revenue_minMinimum revenue
revenue_maxMaximum revenue
revenue_estAverage revenue
events_minMinimum number of events
events_maxMaximum number of events
events_estAverage number of events