Set up connected TV campaigns in The Trade Desk

With Adjust's partnership with The Trade Desk (TTD), you can enable Adjust measurement for any campaign creative that you uploaded to The Trade Desk platform. This lets you measure the success of your CTV campaigns and their role in driving mobile app installs.

Before you begin

Here's what you need to know before getting started.

  • Any user with access to The Trade Desk platform can enable Adjust measurement.

Create a connected TV tracker in Adjust

A screen recording of how to create a new Connected TV tracker in the Adjust dashboard.

To create an Adjust connected TV tracker, follow these steps.

  1. Find your app and select your app options caret (^).
  2. Select Tracker URLs.
  3. Select the Connected TV Trackers tab.
  4. Select NEW TRACKER.
  5. Enter a tracker name.
  6. Select The Trade Desk from the network dropdown menu.
  7. Optional: Customize the attribution window.
  8. Select CREATE.

Here is an example of the connected TV tracker created:

Enable Adjust measurement with The Trade Desk

To ensure that your creatives can be tracked by Adjust, you need to first enable Adjust measurement in The Trade Desk. To do this, follow these steps.

  1. From your Campaign page, navigate to Data on the lefthand menu.
  2. Select Add App Data from the top toolbar.
  1. Enter your app name.
  2. Select your app's operating system.
  1. Under Tracking Vendor, select Adjust.
  1. Add your Conversion Events.
    • Make sure the Event Name and Description match what is saved in the Adjust dashboard.
  2. Under Usage of Collected Data, select Attribution.
  1. Select your Conversion Credit Source.
    • If you want a holistic view of all measurement outside of just TTD, select Adjust.
    • If you want to just measure TTD buy, select The Trade Desk.
  2. Select Create App Data to turn on Adjust measurement.
To avoid data discrepancies, never change your Conversion Credit Source mid-campaign.

Great job, Adjust is now enabled as a measurement partner in The Trade Desk.

  1. As a final step, follow these steps to enable The Trade Desk module in Adjust and activate the integration.

Set up your creatives for tracking in The Trade Desk platform

The Trade Desk strongly recommends that all customers using Adjust measurement host their creatives in The Trade Desk platform. For detailed instructions on how to add creatives to The Trade Desk, contact your TTD representative.

Once you have added your campaign creative(s) to the The Trade Desk platform, you need to make sure that they are correctly associated with Adjust tracking URLs.

Step 1 - Add trackers to your creatives

  1. Navigate to Buy on the lefthand menu of your TTD advertiser page.
  2. Select Creative from the top toolbar.
  3. Scroll down to Tracking.
  1. For Clickthrough URL, enter your Adjust click tracker URL.
  2. For 1x1 Pixel Impression Tracker URL, enter your Adjust impression tracker URL.

Step 2 - Append the tracking tag

  1. Navigate to Buy on the lefthand menu of your TTD advertiser page.
  2. Select Manage Attribution & Viewability from the top toolbar.
  3. Select Reporting & Attribution.
  1. Under Conversion Data Source, select the Adjust tracking tag.
  2. Select Save.

Select your device targeting in The Trade Desk

To ensure that your CTV ads are served only to CTV users, you can set device targeting in The Trade Desk. Since creatives are added to ad groups, you set the device targeting of an ad agroup.

To set up device targeting, follow these steps in The Trade Desk platform.

  1. Navigate to the BUY tab.
  2. Under Ad Groups, select the ad group you want to run CTV inventory.
  3. Navigate to Targeting > Add Rails.
  4. Under Technology, select Device Type.
  5. Select Inclusion List.
  6. Select Connected TV.
  7. Select Save.

And that's it - you're all set!