Add a new app

You can add a new app to the Adjust dashboard anytime -- even before releasing it in an app store! This lets you access your Adjust app token for pre-release testing.

Before you begin

Here's what you need to know before getting started.


Add an app to Adjust


To add an app to the Adjust dashboard, follow these steps.

  1. Select NEW APP (top-left corner)
  2. Enter your APP ID or select I don’t have an app id yet
  3. Enter an APP NAME
  4. Select your platform (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows)
  5. If you selected Android, choose one store. If you selected iOS, enter your bundle ID.
  6. Select your REPORTING CURRENCY (note: this setting is permanent)
  7. Select CREATE APP
  8. Enter your in-app event names and select ADD EVENTS (or select SKIP to add them later)
  9. Optional: enter your developer's email address(es) to send our SDK implementation guides
  10. Select DONE

Well done! Your app setup is complete.


App ID

Your app ID is unique to each app store. Adjust uses it to redirect users to the correct store and page.

You can find your app ID in your app's store URL:

StoreURL exampleApp ID
Google Play Storehttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.adjust.insightscom.adjust.insights
Amazon Appstore
Microsoft Storehttps://www.microsoft.com/store/apps/9wuencrfj3t79wuencrfj3t7

If your app is available through an official app store (i.e., Google Play Store, Amazon Appstore, Apple App Store, or Microsoft Store), enter your app ID into your app’s Platforms settings.

Note: We strongly recommend entering your app ID before your app is approved and officially released to a store. If you do not enter your app ID, Adjust can't track any campaigns and will only show organic installs.

If you haven't submitted your app to an app store yet, select I don't have an app ID yet during setup in Adjust.

Apps on websites or third-party app stores don't have app IDs. Select I don't have an app ID yet during setup in Adjust, then use a custom URL to redirect your users to a custom landing page or third-party app store.

App name

Enter any name you like -- we only use this name for display purposes within Adjust. Use alphanumeric characters (a–z, A–Z, and 0–9) separated by a space ( ), underscore (_), or hyphen (-).


Set your app's platform as iOS, Android, Windows Phone, or Windows. 

If your app is available in multiple stores, you can set up a multi-platform app in Adjust. This lets you use the same Adjust app token, event tokens, and tracker tokens for every version of your app, and create tracker URLs that automatically redirect to the device's relevant app store.

Store (Android only)

Choose the Google Play Store or the Amazon Appstore for your Android app in Adjust. (These stores have significant crossover between device variables on the Android platform, and to keep our store-specific redirects accurate, it isn't possible to select both Android stores at the same time.) 

Bundle ID (iOS only)

The bundle ID is a string that uniquely identifies your app throughout the iOS system. You or your developer will have defined a bundle ID before App Store submission; this auto-populates in a new field in the Create App window when you add a new app to the dashboard.

Reporting currency

This is the currency Adjust uses for dashboard reporting.

If you convert in-app revenue before sending it to Adjust, select the final currency that you send. If you do not convert your revenue currency, Adjust will convert all currencies we receive into the currency you select here.

Note: Your reporting currency is permanent once set. If you want to change it, contact your account manager or support@adjust.com. However, this isn't recommended because we can't guarantee the accuracy of retroactive currency conversion.