Reattribution callbacks

Reattribution is the process of assigning a user to a new source of mobile attribution following their initially attributed install. Reattributions trigger specific reattribution callbacks and do not trigger install callbacks.

Adjust sends a reattribution callback for every in-app session that meets the requirements for reattribution. This means your inactivity period and reattribution window settings.

Recommended placeholders

{reattributed_at}Timestamp of the reattribution session1418174568
{reattributed_at_hour}Timestamp of the reattribution session rounded to the nearest hour1418174568
If placeholder data is not available, it will be dropped from the callback.

Reattribution callback example

Callback URL with placeholdersUnencoded (Do not use as is)
Callback URL populated with values{gps_adid}&idfa={idfa}&tracker_name={link_name}&app_name={app_name}&activity_kind={activity_kind}&created_at={created_at}&reattributed_at={reattributed_at}&reattributed_at_hour={reattributed_at_hour}

Other recommended placeholders

We also advise that you include the following placeholders in all callback URLs. These placeholders will ensure that you always receive basic information that you can use to identify the app, link, data point, and device to which the rest of your callback data belongs.

{gps_adid}Google Play Store advertising ID (Android only)38400000-8cf0-11bd-b23e-10b96e40000d
{idfa}ID for advertisers (iOS only)8C6CBCOD-5F43-4765-A6E6-84DFF3D24707
{idfv}ID for vendors (iOS only)CCB300A0-DE1B-4D48-BC7E-599E453B8DD4
{adid}Adjust device ID18546f6171f67e29d1cb983322ad1329
{tracker}Adjust link tokenabc123
{tracker_name}Current link name as defined in Campaign LabNetwork1%3A%3AChristmas%3A%3AReindeers%3A%3A320x70_en
{app_name}Name of the appMyApp
{activity_kind}This will allow you to determine the data point: impression, click, install, rejected install, rejected reattribution, session, reattribution, uninstall, reinstall, reattribution reinstall, updated attribution, in-app event, or ad spend (cost_updated)rejected_reattribution
{created_at}The timestamp for when the data point occurred1404214665