Engagement definitions of different ad networks

Adjust receives different types of engagement from ad networks: clicks and impression. Each network can have their own definition of an engagement, which they share with Adjust during the integration phase.

Here, you can find out how different ad networks define each reported engagement, so you have a clear understanding of what you're seeing in your attribution data.

Apple Search Ads


A user clicks an Apple Search Ads ad any time in the 30 days prior to your app download. Clicks are called "Taps" in Apple Search Ads.



  • A user clicks on an ad (30 day click window).
  • Engaged-view: An engaged-view is when a user watches at least 10 seconds of a skippable in-stream ad (or watches the entire skippable in-stream ad, if it’s shorter than 10 seconds). Adjust reports engaged views as clicks.

Engaged-views are available for the following inventories:

  • ACI Video
  • ACI Display
  • ACE Video
  • ACE Display
  • Youtube TrueView (reported under Google Ads Video on Adjust)

Engaged-view conversion windows vary depending on the type of campaign. Default windows, as shown below, can be customized:

  • Youtube TrueView: 3 days
  • ACI: 2 days
  • ACE: 1 day

Google Marketing Platform


Moloco Ads

  • A user clicks on an ad.
  • An engaged-view: an engaged view conversion is when the user watches over 10 seconds of a skippable video, or the entire video for skippable videos that are less than 10 seconds.


  • A user clicks on a single image, video, or taps the call-to-action.
  • A user clicks on a Snap within a Story Ad.
  • A user shares or saves Lens to Chat, Stories, or Spotflight, or click on Lens attachment.

TikTok For Business

  • A user clicks on an ad. On TikTok there are two types of click:
    • Outbound click: A click that takes the user directly to the app store
    • Engaged click: A click interaction with an ad unit (such as likes, comments and share)
  • An engaged view: the user views 6 seconds or more of a TikTok video ad. Adjust reports Engaged View conversions as Click-through conversions.

The attribution window for click-through and engaged view-through engagements are as follows:

  • Attribution window: 1 - 30 days
  • Default: 7 days