Partner setup

Adjust integrates with hundreds of different technology partners. For many of these partners, you can enable an API integration directly from the Adjust dashboard which sends the partner app-level attribution and in-app event data. This lets the partner receive consistently formatted information about your mobile app campaigns to use for ad optimization and measuring ad performance.

Any partner you enable the integration for has the capacity to receive all of your Adjust install and in-app data. However, Adjust will only share attribution details with the partner credited for the attribution. This means that while "Partner X" will know that another partner drove an install, it won't know the other partner name or campaign details responsible for that install.

To set up and enable the Adjust integration with a new partner, find them from the list and click on their logo for a detailed instruction guide. Partners who do not appear in the list have a dynamic integration with Adjust. For these partners, you can manually set up callbacks in the dashboard to share data.

For a full list of the Adjust network of technology partners, see the integrated technology partners directory on the Adjust website.