User referrals

Boost your install rate with a referral program and offer users who invite their friends customized in-app rewards. Leverage Adjust's capabilities to attribute new installs to referral links and pass the identifiers that are important for implementing a referral program to facilitate your own mechanism of granting rewards. This lets you analyze the ROI of your referral campaigns and pinpoint high-value users who bring in the most new users

How it works

When you run a refer-a-friend program, you incentivize your existing users to invite their friends to download your app. Here’s how it works:

  1. Oscar, down to their last life in your game, taps an in-app button to invite a friend in return for an extra life. This button contains an Adjust link URL with a label parameter appended.
  2. Your app populates the label parameter value with Oscar’s referral ID - a value that is non-sensitive user information.
  3. Your app sends the link URL, now containing Oscar’s referral ID, to their friend Mike. For example, via email.
  4. Mike clicks the link containing Oscar's referral ID, which takes them to the relevant app store, where they download and install your app.
  5. Mike’s install is attributed to the link containing Oscar’s referral ID as the value in the label parameter.
  6. Adjust fires an attribution callback containing Oscar’s referral ID to your app’s Adjust SDK.
  7. Your app collects this information from the Adjust SDK and sends it to your BI system if an attribution callback was used.
  8. Your system sends an in-app reward (in this case, an extra life) to Oscar for successfully inviting Mike.

Use cases

Incentivize existing users

Reinvigorate existing users with in-app incentives. For example, identify common drop-off points and send reward offers to maintain their activity. Power users who prove to bring in many more users can receive more attractive incentives. You could also choose to set specific in-app events or achievements the new user needs to trigger, in order for a reward to be sent.

Customize the new user experience

Offer new users a tailored experience, in which you fast track their onboarding flow and connect them with friends.

Next steps

  • Set up user referrals - Get instructions on how to set up and measure user referral programs with Adjust.