Cohorts dashboard

With the Cohorts dashboard, you can group your users in different ways to create useful analyses. The heatmap table highlights the best- and worst-performing cohorts, helping you identify how you can optimize your strategy to keep scaling up.

You can use the dashboard to:

  • Identify the retention rate of your users over time.
  • See how retention changes by country, channel, and other dimensions.
  • Group users in different, customized ways to determine key KPIs.


Use the following widgets to analyze your data and see the metrics that are important to you:

  • Cohort analysis - Shows you the best and worst-performing cohorts for your selected KPI in a table heatmap.

  • Cohort analysis chart - Illustrates the performance of separate cohorts over the lifetime of the cohort.

  • Performance trends - Gives a quick overview of the performance of all cohorts over a specific period.