Integrating Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics is a comprehensive online marketing and web analytics suite. The SDK-to-SDK integration between Adjust and Adobe enables you to push install and reattribution data into your Adobe setup. Adjust sends this data to the Adobe SDK by utilizing delegate callbacks with attached attribution data.

Before you begin

Before you configure your Adobe Analytics setup, you must first implement a small code snippet into your app in order to fully integrate the Adjust and Adobe SDKs.

You can find the relevant snippets and information on how to set up the SDK to feed your data into the Adobe Analytics suite using the link below.

📖 Get started with the Adobe SDK integration

Configure your Adobe Analytics setup

In order to pipe your Adjust data into your Adobe setup, you must properly configure your Adobe Analytics dashboard (instructions below).

Setup instructions for activating the Data Connector

  1. In the Data Connector UI, select Add Integration.
  2. From integrations list, drag-and-dop the Adjust widget to the Adobe Marketing Cloud Connector. 
    This launches the Adjust integration wizard.
  3. Accept the Terms & Conditions, then choose the report suite where Adjust data should flow. This should be the same as the report suite for your mobile app. You can add any name for this integration.
  4. Map the available eVars from the drop-down list into which Adjust data should flow. You can rename the variable if needed.
  5. Review the variable mappings and other parameters. Select Activate Now to activate the integration. Once activated, the data connector automatically creates the required processing rules.
  6. If you have multiple apps, repeat these steps for each report suite where the integration is required.

1. In the Data Connector UI, select Add Integration.

2. From the integrations list, drag the Adjust widget into the Adobe Marketing Cloud Connector.


If needed, you can find additional information on the Adjust and Adobe Analytics integration on Adobe’s website.