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Push notification support

With push notifications, you can deliver personalized content to your customers. Because push notifications let you communicate with your current users, you can use deeplinks to bring them to a specific place in your app and track reattributions.

Here, you'll learn how to set up tracking for push campaigns in your Adjust dashboard.

Before you begin


Track push notifications

To start tracking push notifications, follow these steps. 

  1. Copy the tracker token from your tracker URL. In this example, the tracker token is abc123. Tracker tokens may be six or more characters. Always use the full-length tracker token in your tracker URL.
  2. Add adjust_tracker=your_token to the query string of your deeplink
  3. You can add the following campaign parameters to track three more levels of segmentation:
Parameter NameFunction
adjust_campaigncampaign-level structure parameter
adjust_adgroupadgroup-level structure parameter
adjust_creativecreative-level structure parameter
4. Send your finished URL to your push notification provider

Good job! Now that you've sent your finished URL to your push notification provider, we can begin attributing your campaign traffic.

Push Notification FAQs

Do we need universal linking to track push notifications on iOS apps?
Yes, to track devices using iOS 9 or higher, you must implement universal linking.

Why can't I see my reattributions?
Make sure your inactivity period is set to the correct time frame. For instant reattribution, set your inactive user definition to 0. Our default inactivity period is 7 days. If your inactivity period is set, for example, to 30 days, a user will only be reattributed if they have been inactive for more than 30 days.

Can I create a retargeting list of users who have push notifications turned on?
Yes, you can do this with Audience Builder (and if your app can send push tokens [device tokens for iOS / registration token for Android] to the Adjust SDK). When you build an audience, select push token as the ID type.

Note: We don't receive incoming click data for push campaigns. Because the Adjust SDK retrieves the tracker token and submits it to our servers for reattribution, you will only see reattributions recorded for these campaigns.