Review setup and create your link

In this section, we will create your link.

In the Setup review screen, follow these steps.

  1. Review your choices. You can go back and make changes to:
  2. Select Create link to create your click URL, impression URL, QR code and link token. Creating a link also enables data sharing, if you've set it up.

Next steps

  • If your network is not integrated with Adjust and receives data through the dynamic callback API, ensure that you choose what data you want to share with the network. Data sharing for dynamic networks is enabled at the app-level, and applies to all networks set up for the app. For more information, see Choose data sharing options for dynamic networks.
  • Enter your link URL in the network dashboard (at the campaign level).
  • Before using your impression link URL for view-through campaigns, turn on impression-based attribution. If your ad network uses your impression link when impression-based attribution is turned off in Adjust, your dashboard will report the total number of ad impressions without attributing users to your view-through campaigns.