SKAN metrics trends

The SKAN metrics over time widget is a chart that displays a breakdown of your mapped metrics by the selected dimension. It also displays a table with the total number of installs for SKAN campaigns for the selected dimension.

Your widget displays data from the following sources, by default:

Data sourceDefinition
Attribution source - FirstUser's original attribution source
Attribution status - AllInstalls and reattributions
Attribution type - AllClicks and impressions
Ad spend source - MixedAttribution and Network sources

Set up the SKAN metrics over time widget

Before you set up this widget, ensure that you have set the appropriate filters. For more information, see Set up your view.

To see the conversion value rate, choose any event metric other than the default Total Installs (SKAN).

By default, the SKAN metrics over time widget is a chart that breaks down the distribution of conversion events by Channel and displays the Top 5. You can see the breakdown of conversion events by the following dimensions:

DimensionView by
  • Top 5
  • Top 10
  • Bottom 5
  • Bottom 10
Campaign Name
Adgroup Name
Day (Date)-

Depending on the time period for which you are viewing data, you can select Days, Weeks, or Months to choose how granularly you want to break down the data.

Select (Open as report) to view the data in the form of a new report.

Use the Conversion event breakdown widget

  • Hover over any data line in a chart to see more information about the data.

  • Hover over any title in the chart legend to highlight the data line in the chart that corresponds to that title.

  • Select the title in the chart legend to hide the data line for that title in the chart. Select the title again to reveal the data line.

Viewing data for a specific time period

Comparing data between time periods