SKAN performance analysis

The SKAN performance analysis widget lets you see your SKAN installs and reinstalls alongside key revenue and ad spend metrics, to let you understand the performance of your campaign strategy.

To use this widget, SKAN Spend needs to be activated on your account. For more details, contact your dedicated Technical Account Manager or

Set up the SKAN performance analysis widget

Before you set up this widget, ensure that you have set the appropriate filters. For more information, see Set up your view.

The SKAN performance analysis widget shows a table tracking how your spend metrics change within a selected period.

You can break down the performance of your campaigns by the following dimensions:

  • App
  • Channel
  • Campaign Name
  • Adgroup Name

The widget displays data for the following metrics:

  • Ad Spend (SKAN)
  • eCPI (SKAN)
  • Installs (SKAdNetwork)
  • Reinstalls (SKAdNetwork)
  • ROAS (SKAN average)
  • Total Installs (SKAdNetwork)
  • IAP Revenue (Average)
  • Conversion Value 0 (SKAdNetwork)
  • Valid conversions

For detailed information about the metrics, use our Datascape metrics Glossary.

Use the Performance Analysis SKAN widget

  • Use the arrows in the table header to arrange the data in the columns, either alphabetically or in ascending or descending order.
  • Select (Open as report) to view the data in the form of a new report.
  • Select (Download) to download the report in CSV format.