Tracker setup in the classic dashboard

With the Adjust Campaign Wizard, you can create and manage tracker URLs within the Adjust dashboard. 

Use our basic setup instructions to create an Adjust tracker URL. When you're finished, move onto the advanced setup instructions to add parameters to your tracker, send custom data, redirect users based on device type, and more.

Before you begin

What you need to know

  • You can create 4 levels of trackers: network (top level), campaign (sublevel 1), adgroup (sublevel 2), and creative (sublevel 3).
  • Only network-level trackers redirect to your app's store page. They do not contain sublevel data and use your app-level attribution settings.
  • You need to create a network-level tracker before you can create a sublevel tracker.

Create a tracker URL

To quick-create an Adjust tracker URL, follow these steps:

  1. Find your app and select your app options caret (^).
  2. Select Tracker URLs.
  3. To create a top-level tracker, select NEW TRACKER.
  • To create a sublevel tracker, select an existing tracker and then select NEW TRACKER.
  1. Enter a tracker name.
  2. Optional: Select a network.
  3. Select QUICK CREATE.

Well done! You have created two tracker URLs: one click-based and one impression-based. To customize your trackers, move on to our advanced setup instructions.

Before using your impression tracker URL for view-through campaigns, turn on impression tracking in Adjust.

1. Find your app and select your app options caret (^)

If you track ad spend data in Adjust, we highly recommend using both click and impression tracker URLs in your campaigns. This lets Adjust accurately calculate CPM and overall ad spend.

Multi-platform tracker URLs

Multi-platform tracker URLs redirect your users to the right store for their mobile operating system (OS). If you've set up a multi-platform app in Adjust, then all of your trackers are automatically multi-platform.

To create a multi-platform tracker for apps separated by OS, create separate tracker URLs for each platform, and then merge them into a mult-platform tracker. This process can be performed for both click and impression trackers.


Create 2 separate tracker URLs for your different app platforms.

  • Platform 1 tracker:
  • Platform 2 tracker:
  1. In Adjust, create tracker URLs for each app platform.

  2. Copy the tracker URL that you created for the first platform and paste it into your preferred text editor.
  3. In your text editor, enter an underscore after your tracker URL.
  4. Copy the tracker token that you created for the second platform and paste it after the underscore.
  5. Repeat steps 3-4 for as many platforms as needed.

Nice work! Now your multi-platform tracker will redirect users to the right store for their mobile device. Apply campaign parameters or any additional parameters to complete your setup. 

Turn on impression-based attribution

Adjust records an impression when a user views your mobile ad. 

If you'd like us to attribute installs to impressions, turn on impression-based attribution (via device matching and/or probabilistic modeling) in your Adjust dashboard. You can stop tracking impressions anytime.

To turn on (or turn off) impression-based attribution, follow these steps.

  1. Find your app and select your app options caret (^)
  2. Select All Settings (gear icon)
  3. Select Attribution
  4. Select Device Matching or probabilistic modeling under Impression Based
  5. Turn on (or turn off) Device matching for impressions or probabilistic modeling for impressions
  6. Select SAVE

After you turn on impression-based attribution in Adjust, you can share impression tracker URLs with your ad network.

If your ad network uses your impression tracker URL when impression-based attribution is turned off in Adjust, your dashboard will report the total number of ad impressions without attributing users to your view-through campaigns.

When reporting impressions to Adjust, ad networks must provide a valid advertising ID (for attribution via device matching) and/or device details (for attribution via probabilistic modeling).

Customize your tracker URL

To update an existing tracker, select its Settings (gear icon) and then select EDIT. To customize a new tracker URL, follow these steps: 

  1. Find your app and select your app options caret (^).
  2. Select Tracker URLs.
  3. Select NEW TRACKER.
  4. Enter a tracker name.
  5. Select a network.
  6. Select CUSTOMIZE.
  7. Choose to customize your campaign structure, additional parameters, or attribution settings.
  8. After customization, select CREATE.
  9. To make further changes, select EDIT.
  10. To copy your tracker URL, select Copy (clipboard icon).
  11. Select DONE.

1. Find your app and select your app options caret (^).


Additional parameters

Use Adjust's additional parameters to pass custom data directly to your servers and define how users are redirected after clicking on your tracker URL. Additional parameters are available on network- and campaign-level trackers.

Adjust tracker token

Adjust automatically creates a unique identifying token for every Adjust tracker. These tracker tokens contain 6 or more alphanumeric characters (for example: abc123) and appear after the endpoint of your tracker URLs.

Click and impression URLs for the same tracker use the same tracker token.