Set up Facebook

With Adjust’s Facebook integration, you can track performance marketing efforts on Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram.

Use our basic setup instructions to connect Adjust to Facebook and track your campaigns. When you’re finished, move on to the advanced setup instructions to turn on impression-based attribution, forward data to Facebook, and more.

Before you begin

Here's what you need to know before getting started.


Basic setup


Share the video with this link. To connect your Adjust dashboard to Facebook Ads, follow these steps.

  1. Find your app and select your app options caret (^).
  2. Select Partner Setup.
  3. Select ADD PARTNERS, and select Add (+ icon) beside Facebook.
  4. Enter your Facebook Developer App ID in the APP ID field.
  5. Select SAVE.

Well done! Your basic setup is complete.

Your Facebook Developer App ID comes from your Facebook Developer account. This App ID should be the same for all of your apps in Adjust, regardless of platforms.

Advanced setup

Now that Adjust is connected to Facebook, customize your setup.

Turn on impression-based (view-through) attribution

Adjust does not automatically attribute installs to Facebook impressions.

To turn on (or turn off) impression-based attribution, follow these steps.

  1. Find your app and select your app options caret (^)
  2. Select All Settings (gear icon)
  3. Select Attribution
  4. Select Device Matching or Probabilistic Matching under Impression Based
  5. Turn on (or turn off) Device matching for impressions or Probabilistic matching for impressions
  6. Select SAVE

Disable Facebook event logging

If your app includes the Facebook SDK, we recommend disabling its event logging features to ensure that there are no duplicate events between Facebook and Adjust. Instead of defining events in the Facebook SDK, you can define equivalent events on Adjust and link them to Facebook. Defining events on Adjust also allows you to link the events to other networks besides Facebook.

To disable Facebook SDK event logging, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Facebook App Dashboard.
  2. Click on your app.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Select Basic.
  5. Select Log In-App Events Automatically.
  6. Set to No to disable automatic event logging.

Disable Automatic Event Logging in the Facebook SDK in your app code by following these instructions:

Remove manually logged events in the Facebook SDK in your app code by following these instructions:

When using the Facebook Partner setup, Adjust will automatically link install and session events to Facebook. However, to log Purchase events that would normally be logged by Facebook's SDK you will need to create the Purchase event on Adjust and link it to Facebook.

Forward in-app revenue and purchases

Revenue forwarding lets you pass detailed revenue data directly to your Facebook Ads Manager dashboard.

To forward in-app revenue and purchases to Facebook, follow these steps.

  1. Find your app select the app options caret (^).
  2. Select Partner Setup > Facebook.
  3. Turn on Revenue Forwarding.
  4. Select Event Linking.
  5. Find the revenue event(s) you want to link and update the field(s) with Fb Mobile Purchase.
  6. Select OK.
  7. Select SAVE.

Now you'll see purchases and revenue amounts from Adjust displayed in your Facebook Ads Manager dashboard.

Forward ad revenue

Ad revenue forwarding lets you send all of your ad revenue callbacks to Facebook.

To forward ad revenue data, follow these steps.

  1. Find your app select the app options caret (^).
  2. Select Partner Setup > Facebook.
  3. Turn on Ad Revenue Forwarding.
  4. Select SAVE.
Your ad revenue data will display in Facebook Ads Manager under fb_mobile_purchase. This value is hardcoded and cannot be changed.

Forward in-app events

Event linking (or mapping) lets you forward in-app event data directly to Facebook for more precise targeting. This is also required for event-based bid optimization.

If you have already set up app event tracking in your Facebook SDK, do not set up event linking between Adjust and Facebook. This will duplicate your event data in Facebook. If you have questions about your setup, please reach out to support@adjust.com.

To optimize your Facebook campaigns on Adjust events, you must link each event to one of the standard Facebook events that appear here in their documentation.

If you link your Adjust events as other standard or custom events, Facebook will not use them for optimization.

  1. Find your app and select your app options caret (^).
  2. Select Partner Setup > Facebook > Event Linking.
  3. Find the event you want to link and update the field with a Facebook event name or your own custom name. For reference, the predefined Facebook labels are:
    • fb_mobile_level_achieved
    • fb_mobile_add_payment_info
    • fb_mobile_add_to_cart
    • fb_mobile_add_to_wishlist
    • fb_mobile_complete_registration
    • fb_mobile_tutorial_completion
    • fb_mobile_initiated_checkout
    • fb_mobile_purchase
    • fb_mobile_rate
    • fb_mobile_search
    • fb_mobile_spent_credits
    • fb_mobile_achievement_unlocked
    • fb_mobile_content_view
    • Subscribe
    • StartTrial
    • AdClick
    • AdImpression
  4. Select OK.
  5. Select SAVE.

Forward uninstalls

If you've purchased Adjust's uninstall and reinstall tracking, then Adjust automatically sends uninstall data to Facebook.

To stop forwarding Adjust-tracked uninstalls to Facebook, follow these steps.

  1. Find your app and select the app options caret (^)
  2. Select Partner Setup > Facebook
  3. Turn off Uninstall Forwarding

To share uninstall data with Facebook again, you can turn on Uninstall Forwarding at any time.

Forward custom data

Partner parameters let Adjust collect custom data points from your app and forward them directly to Facebook.

⚙️  This feature requires Adjust SDK v4.0.0 and later.

📖 Once you have the Adjust SDK installed and configured, follow the guides linked below to use this feature.

iOS / Android / Windows / Adobe Air / Unity / Cordova / Marmalade / Xamarin / Cocos2d-x / React Native / Titanium / Corona

Now that you have partner parameters set up within the Adjust SDK, turn on partner parameter forwarding in the Adjust dashboard.

To turn on partner parameter forwarding in Adjust, follow these steps.

  1. Find your app and select your app options caret (^)
  2. Select Partner Setup > Facebook
  3. Turn on Parameter Forwarding
  4. Select Partner Parameter Mapping
  5. In the FROM APP field, enter the name of your Adjust partner parameter (as written into the Adjust SDK). In the TO FACEBOOK field, enter your corresponding Facebook name.
  6. Select SAVE

Now that your partner parameters are connected to Facebook, Adjust will forward custom event details directly to Facebook for any of your linked events.

Additional deep link support for Facebook

Adjust supports Facebook App Links to deep link users from a Facebook ad into your app, to an app store, or to a website. This means you can set up an ad campaign on Facebook using:

Deep link setup

Adjust offers 2 parameters, which you should add to your deep link:

  • If you are using a universal link, add adj_mobile_not_track=1
  • If you are using an Adjust tracker with the deep_link parameter, add mobile_not_track=1

These parameters ensure that the user is attributed to Facebook as intended.

Example universal link with an Adjust tracker & website redirect:


Add your deep link to Facebook

To get started, add your Adjust deep link to Facebook. To do this, follow these steps.

  1. Sign in to Facebook Ads Manager
  2. Find your campaign and select Text & Links
  3. Under Deep Link enter your Adjust tracker + deep link or Universal link 

How does it work?

Forward data for Facebook Dynamic Ads

Facebook Dynamic Product Ads let you show the most relevant products to the users most likely to re-engage in your app and on other devices. Our integration lets you forward product data for dynamic ad tracking without the Facebook SDK.


To forward data for Facebook Dynamic Product Ads, follow these steps.

1. Link events to Facebook

In Adjust, set up event linking to the following Facebook events:

Event nameDescription
Fb Mobile Content ViewWhen a user views a product
Fb Mobile Add To CartWhen an item is added to the cart
Fb Mobile PurchaseWhen an item/items are purchased

2. Map partner parameters

Now that you’ve linked your events, follow the custom data forwarding instructions to set up parameter mapping. Each event requires two successful parameter triggers: one for the item ID and one to identify a product or product group ID. All partner parameters, keys, and values must be alphanumeric and cannot contain any special characters.

Here are the parameters to include:

Field nameDescriptionTypeRequired
fb_content_typeEither product or product_groupStringYes
fb_content_idThe retailer's product or product group ID(s). This should be a string containing a JSON-encoded array of IDs.StringYes
_valueToSumThe value of the product or purchase amountStringNo
fb_currencyThe currency of the product or purchase amountStringNo

Now that your parameters are mapped, you can serve your app users Facebook Dynamic Product Ads.

Track Facebook Pixel events

Adjust's webview bridge lets you track Facebook Pixel events without integrating the Facebook SDK into your app. Our webview bridge passes your Facebook Pixel events to the Adjust SDK as app events, along with all related fields as partner parameters.

To implement Adjust's webview bridge, see our Facebook Pixel integration guide for developers on Github.

Track Facebook ad spend

Adjust connects directly to your Facebook Ads account to track ad spend for your Facebook campaigns. Ensure you have the correct permissions set in your Facebook Ads account as shown in the image below:

  • For Ad spend tracking: The Access your Facebook ads and related stats toggle must be set to YES.
  • For Adjust Automate: Both the Access your Facebook ads and related stats and Manage your ads toggles must be set to YES.

To turn on ad spend tracking, follow these steps. 

  1. In Adjust, select MENU.
  2. Select Partner Ad Accounts > Facebook.
  3. Select ADD ACCOUNT, then enter your login credentials and confirm that Adjust can manage your ads.

All done! Now Adjust will track ad spend for your Facebook campaigns. To view a complete list of linked ad accounts, select Settings (gear icon).

Adjust can access ad spend data for every linked account. To disconnect a Facebook ad account from Adjust, find the account's Settings (gear icon) and select UNLINK.

If you are using Facebook Automated App Ads

How do I view my Facebook ad spend data in Adjust?

To view your Facebook ad spend, follow these steps in the Adjust Dashboard.

  1. Find your app and select your options caret.
  2. Select Statistics.
  3. Select the Cost tab.
  4. Select Filters.
  5. Under Partners, add Facebook.

Now you can see your total Facebook ad spend data displayed for the app. Select a tracker to drill-down into your data.

Use additional Filters to further refine your view. For instance, you can select View By - Country. This breaks your campaigns down according to the country they are run in, and offers a side-by-side comparison.