Meta raw data reporting

On October 29th 2021, Meta deprecated their Advanced Mobile Measurement (AMM) program. This means that Meta Business Partners and advertisers may not receive device-level campaign data for any iOS users attributed to Meta, and only partial data for Android users. This is enforced regardless of the user's ATT status.

Which data sources are impacted?

What is not impacted?

  • Aggregated reporting remains unaffected.
  • Attribution is still performed using device-level data.

Callback string format

To support end-user privacy and remain compliant, Adjust reports click-based and impression-based raw data from Meta in a specific way.

Below is an example of a callback string that Adjust typically sends. In this string, text within curly braces { } are Adjust placeholders -- macros that let Adjust dynamically add user or engagement data to the client's callback string. 

  • Standard string:{link_token}&tracker_name={link_name}&network_name={network_name}&campaign={campaign_name}&adgroup={adgroup_name}&creative={creative_name}

For Meta, Adjust sends a different kind of callback string for click-based and impression-based activities to clients. 

  • Compliant string:

Note the following changes to this string compared to the standard example:

  • tracker = unattr
  • tracker_name = Unattributed
  • network_name = Unattributed
  • Campaign, adgroup, and creative placeholders are dropped completely

Which placeholders are impacted?

PlaceholderReported Value
{reftags}exclude clicks and impressions

(iOS only) Receive MAE campaign information in raw data

If you have enabled Aggregated Event Measurement for your iOS app, you can receive additional information from Mobile App Re-Engagement (MAE) deep links in your raw data exports. The following placeholders are available:

  • {fb_deeplink_ad_id}
  • {fb_deeplink_campaign_group_id}
  • {fb_deeplink_campaign_id}
  • {fb_deeplink_adgroup_id}
  • {fb_deeplink_account_id}

Check the placeholders page for more information.